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Sep 30, 2017   Web Development   Comments (5)
If you're importing or migrating your WordPress database to a server that has an older version of MySQL (like version 5.5.x), you may run into this error:
Sep 29, 2017   Web and Internet   Comments (3)
This document covers the various policies in effect during your usage of this website. Please take a moment to review them prior to commenting on posts or using information from this website. These policies are subject to change without notice and were last updated on October 2, 2017.
Jul 19, 2017   Programming
When attempting to edit or create an eBay Shipping Policy in M2E Pro for Magento 2, you may come across an error like this:
Jul 12, 2017   Web Development   Comments (1)
Here is how you can change the order ID increment in Magento 2. This requires a minor edit to the database so should only be attempted by those familiar with database changes, and only after a backup. This works for Magento 2 version 2.1.7 and will probably work for similar versions and newer versions, but I can't guarantee it.
May 19, 2017   Computer Hardware
Here are my picks for the best solid state drives for May 2017. This list is divided into three different size classes (small, medium, and large).
May 17, 2017   Computer Hardware
If your Holmes tower fan makes a light ticking or rattling noise while operating, the problem may be due to some small plastic bits on the circuit board not being secured. This was the case for me, and here's how I fixed it using some basic electrical tape.
May 16, 2017   Mobile   Comments (3)
The power button on the Nexus 5 is a common failure point. It is the same power button that is used on many other phones, including Samsung flagships of its era. Unlike the Samsung though, the Nexus 5 doesn't have a home button, so the power button is used more often and will fail sooner.
May 16, 2017   Programming   Comments (1)
To create inward-moving particles using the stock Particle System in Unity, you need to set the Start Speed to a negative number. This reverses the direction of the particles so they move towards the center.
May 16, 2017   Mobile   Comments (2)
Some of the best games of all time were made for Super Nintendo, and it's easier than ever to play them on your mobile device or phone with near perfect functionality.
May 15, 2017   Windows
Ransomware is a type of malware and virus that encrypts your personal files and seeks a payment in order to gain access to the decryption key. It targets documents, pictures, spreadsheets, and other common files. The payment is usually requested via bitcoin.
May 12, 2017   Energy
Prices for LED light bulbs have dropped a lot over the last 3 years. Here is a simple guide to help you make the switch over to LED and learn how much you'll save. You'll also be able to determine how quickly the LED bulbs will pay for themselves, and where it doesn't make sense to switch yet.
May 12, 2017   PC Gaming
While playing the Doom campaign, you may notice a frame stutter or freeze every few seconds, despite an otherwise smooth frame rate. This is common when playing Doom with a video card that has 2 GB or less memory.
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