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Unity 2D Particle System Inward Moving Particles
May 16, 2017ProgrammingComments (3)
To create inward-moving particles using the stock Particle System in Unity, you need to set the Start Speed to a negative number. This reverses the direction of the particles so they move towards the center.

In addition to the Start Speed, you'll also need to set Emit from to Volume Shell and then adjust Radius and Length under Shape. Fiddle with it until you get the effect you're after.

Here are example settings:

Unity Particle System Inward Moving Particles
Comments (3)
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Evan Rollo   Mar 17, 2022
I added a minus next to the number and it doesn't work.
Me   Nov 29, 2021
What about if I want to keep the pivot in same spot, how would I deal with that
Dev   Mar 21, 2019
Thanks alot :)