May 15, 2017   Windows
Ransomware is a type of malware and virus that encrypts your personal files and seeks a payment in order to gain access to the decryption key. It targets documents, pictures, spreadsheets, and other common files. The payment is usually requested via bitcoin.
May 12, 2017   Windows   Comments (1)
The Windows Path variable is a semicolon-delimited string of directory locations. These locations contain executable programs that can be called directly, without needing to type in the full file path.
Feb 16, 2016   Windows   Comments (3)
With version 3.15 of FileZilla FTP, the developers have added a notification bubble that pops up when transfers are complete and FileZilla is not in the foreground. With version 3.16 they made the bubbles pop up whether FileZilla is in the foreground or background. Disabling these notifications isn't immediately obvious. Here is how.
Nov 24, 2015   Windows
FlashBeat is an Adware program that runs in the background. It injects ads into webpages that are designed to look like they're part of the host website. For example: It will insert fake ads to the top of Google search results pages that look very similar to the normal Google ads.
Mar 13, 2015   Windows   Comments (31)
If you have the local IP address of a computer on your network, and need to get that computer's name, there is an easy method using the ping command in a Windows command prompt.
Feb 10, 2015   Windows   Comments (1)
Update: It looks like with newer versions of Chrome (after 40), this setting no longer removes the button. View this issue page for more details on the change. Try this webpage for a potential fix, though I have no tested it.

In a recent version of Chrome, a new button was added next to the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. This button brings up the user menu and allows you to sign into and out of Chrome, change users, and enter incognito mode more easily.
Feb 6, 2015   Windows
This method of cleaning a computer requires that you have access to another computer as well as a clean USB drive. This method is more effective than just running a spyware scanner with Windows booted normally, but may take a little longer.
Jan 9, 2015   Windows   Comments (4)
This requires that you have access to another Windows computer with an Internet connection. You'll be installing and updating Malwarebytes on that computer, and then copying the up-to-date data folder via USB drive (or similar) to the computer that lacks Internet or is in Safe Mode.
Oct 24, 2014   Windows   Comments (1)
The normal Chrome and Canary download is a small 800~ kilobyte program. Upon running, this program downloads the remaining part of itself (approximately 40 megabytes) before installing. If you prefer, you can alternately make it download the whole program at once, which is great for installing in offline situations.
Oct 20, 2014   Windows   Comments (19)
Here are the steps needed to export 2160p (4K) videos using Adobe Premiere. These instructions are from CS5.5 but should be usable for other versions as well.
Aug 27, 2014   Windows
Adobe Reader X and newer versions have become somewhat bloated with features and content. This can slow down older computers and be a nuisance even on new computers. To fix this you can downgrade to Reader 9.5, which fires up nearly instantly on a modern PC and consumes very little memory.
Aug 20, 2014   Windows   Comments (5)
Here is one way that you can record the screen, including audio, and upload it to YouTube for free. This is useful for recording game footage, creating a presentation, or showing how to perform some task on the computer.
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