Jan 6, 2022   PC Gaming   Comments (2)
Ark, when downloaded with PC Game Pass using the Windows 10/11 Xbox app (or Windows Store) has somewhat-obscure application, settings, and save locations. It can make backing up your save games or making settings tweaks more difficult than it would be with the Steam or Epic versions.
Aug 20, 2019   Web and Internet   Comments (3)
Here's a simple way to hide the YouTube "Try the YouTube Kids App" popup that shows up on the main screen. Please note that this may also block other types of popups that YouTube uses.
Run a Minecraft Server on Your PC and Play with Friends over the Internet or a LAN
Nov 15, 2018   PC Gaming   Comments (501)
Setting up a Minecraft server on your home Windows computer is fairly easy. With basic knowledge of computers and networking, you can be playing with friends over a local area network (LAN) or the Internet in minutes.
Jul 5, 2018   Energy
The federal tax credit for electric vehicle purchases begins to phase out for an automaker once that automaker sells 200,000 electric vehicles. Once the phase out begins, the full tax credit ($7,500 for Tesla) is still available for the quarter they hit 200k in and the following quarter. After that it goes down to 50% for two quarters ($3,750), and finally 25% for two more quarters ($1,875).
Here's a simple way to hide the YouTube live chat window and block it from loading altogether. This should also result in a small improvement to page load speed when visiting YouTube video pages that have live chat.
May 23, 2018   Web and Internet   Comments (95)
YouTube has recently added End Screens as an option for publishers. Similar to annotations, these overlay over the current video while it's playing, but unlike annotations they cannot be dismissed. These end screens appear in the final 10-15 seconds of the video and can contain thumbnails for videos, channels, and websites:
Mar 8, 2018   Mobile
No more needing to download the full SDK or get these tools from a 3rd party source:

Link To A Specific Time In A YouTube Video
Jan 26, 2018   Web and Internet   Comments (17)
You can link to a specific part of a YouTube video, so that upon visiting the URL you are taken directly to that time, three different ways:
Nov 23, 2017   Programming   Comments (5)
In Unity, the Android back button is treated the same as the "Escape" KeyCode. So in order to do something when the user presses the back button on their Android device, you need to check for the Escape key being pressed down and also make sure the user is on the Android platform (if you're cross-platform).
Nov 22, 2017   Web and Internet
On the topic of net neutrality you may have seen this quote floating around:

"I'm authorized to state by my client today, that but for these rules we would be exploring those commercial arrangements."

This is from the Verizon lawyer Helgi C. Walker, and is touted as evidence that Verizon plans to prioritize or block Internet traffic discriminately, or create paid fast-lanes. Here's a little more detail on this and where you can listen to the full exchange.
Nov 16, 2017   Web Development
When setting up M2E Pro, you can map 3rd party eBay listings to M2E Pro listings and Magneto products. But what if you want to unmap or "release" eBay listings so they're no longer managed by M2E Pro? Like asked in this M2E Pro suggestion. There's no built-in way, but you can do it with some database edits.
Nov 14, 2017   Web and Internet
Firefox Screenshots is a feature that allows you to take, download, collect, and share screenshots. Mozilla added it to version 56 of Firefox. If you don't need it or never use it, here's how you can disable it.
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