Stop iPhone from Adding HTML Telephone Links to Numbers on Your Site
Mar 9, 2023Web DevelopmentComments (1)
At least on iOS Safari on iPhone, if it runs across text that looks like it might be a phone number, it may insert an HTML link to hotlink that bit of text. So something like this:
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How to Unmap an eBay Listing in M2E Pro for Magento 1.9.x
Nov 16, 2017Web Development
When setting up M2E Pro, you can map 3rd party eBay listings to M2E Pro listings and Magneto products. But what if you want to unmap or "release" eBay listings so they're no longer managed by M2E Pro? Like asked in this M2E Pro suggestion. There's no built-in way, but you can do it with some database edits.
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Secure Your WordPress Config File (wp-config.php) by Moving it Above the Document Root
Oct 26, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (2)
WordPress by default runs entirely inside the public document root. This is unfortunate for security reasons, but is required in order to preserve backwards compatibility. There is one exception to this, and that is the config file (wp-config.php). WordPress automatically looks for the wp-config.php file one folder above the document root, if it doesn't find it in the document root.
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What is the Document Web Root Directory for a Website?
Oct 26, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (1)
The document root, which is also called the web root or website root directory, is the publicly-accessible base folder for a website. It is where you'll find the index file (index.php, index.html, default.html, etc). This folder is often named public_html, htdocs, www, or wwwroot, depending on your web host and settings.
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WooCommerce How To Change the Number of Products Per Row
Oct 16, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (2)
Here is how to change the number of products/columns per row on WooCommerce product pages. You should be using a child theme of the default Storefront theme that comes with WooCommerce and not editing the Storefront theme directly. If you're using a theme other than Storefront, I'm not sure if these instructions will work.
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How to Disable Reviews in WooCommerce
Oct 16, 2017Web Development
Disabling reviews (comments) on WooCommerce products used to require a plugin, but the functionality is now built into WooCommerce itself. Just navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products, uncheck Enable product reviews, then click Save changes.
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WordPress 4.8.2 Empty & Clean MySQL Database SQL File
Oct 2, 2017Web Development
Here is a completely empty and clean MySQL database file for WordPress 4.8.2. It's the same as a clean install, with the sample and welcome posts removed.
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WordPress Disable Autosaves & Delete All Autosaves from Database
Oct 2, 2017Web Development
If you don't want WordPress creating autosaves of your posts and pages, here's how you can easily disable them and also remove any that currently exist in your database. This does require that you have access to PHPMyAdmin (or SSH) and your database login.
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WordPress Disable Post Revisions & Delete All Revisions from Database
Oct 2, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (1)
Post revisions can take up quite a bit of space in your database. If you don't need them, here's how you can easily disable them and also remove any that currently exist in your database. This does require that you have access to PHPMyAdmin (or SSH) and your database login.
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How to Bulk Delete all Images in WordPress Media Library and Database
Sep 30, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (25)
There are two options to completely delete all media in your WordPress media library in bulk. One using the WordPress admin page (safer) and one performing direct deletions using FTP/SSH/PHPMyAdmin, which is good if you have thousands of items to delete.
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WordPress Media Library Database Row/Table Scheme & Info
Sep 30, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (1)
This post contains information on how WordPress stores images in the media library and its related database entries. Useful if you need to make corrections, perform actions in bulk, or want to create a plugin. As always, be sure to backup your database before making changes.
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WordPress Unknown Collation utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci Solution
Sep 30, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (5)
If you're importing or migrating your WordPress database to a server that has an older version of MySQL (like version 5.5.x), you may run into this error:
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Change Magento 2 Order ID Increment (2.1.7)
Jul 12, 2017Web DevelopmentComments (1)
Here is how you can change the order ID increment in Magento 2. This requires a minor edit to the database so should only be attempted by those familiar with database changes, and only after a backup. This works for Magento 2 version 2.1.7 and will probably work for similar versions and newer versions, but I can't guarantee it.
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Why You Should Avoid "A Small Orange" Web and Domain Hosting
Oct 18, 2016Web DevelopmentComments (4)
A Small Orange hosting was once the pinnacle of exceptional-quality web hosting. They had impeccable customer service and response times, great pricing and plans, and a wonderfully-designed website. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Here's why I now recommend avoiding A Small Orange, and what host you may want to consider instead.
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