Here's a simple way to hide the YouTube live chat window and block it from loading altogether. This should also result in a small improvement to page load speed when visiting YouTube video pages that have live chat.
May 19, 2017   Computer Hardware
Here are my picks for the best solid state drives for May 2017. This list is divided into three different size classes (small, medium, and large).
May 17, 2017   Computer Hardware
If your Holmes tower fan makes a light ticking or rattling noise while operating, the problem may be due to some small plastic bits on the circuit board not being secured. This was the case for me, and here's how I fixed it using some basic electrical tape.
If you're curious how much power your computer uses at the outlet, you'll have to get a measuring tool. You can get a rough estimate by adding up published specs for each component, but that won't be too accurate and you won't be able to determine load-vs-idle power usage.
Budget Gaming PC Buyer's Guide And Build How-To With Pictures
Jul 13, 2016   Computer Hardware
This is a step-by-step guide showing how to purchase and build a custom gaming PC for around $500 US. I will list the exact components that were used, with links to Amazon, and show you in detail how to put it together. Each year I will keep this guide updated along with my own PC upgrades.
Nov 27, 2015   Computer Hardware
I have a good amount of experience purchasing both new and refurbished Dell and HP computers and laptops. Here is some information in case you are in the market for a computer, and are not sure if you should buy new or refurbished.
Jan 5, 2015   Computer Hardware
Despite its looks, Minecraft can be a very demanding game. If your PC isn't up to the task, or you want larger view distances, read on to learn more about building a new one.
How to Connect a Playstation 2 (PS2) to a Computer Monitor (LCD)
This guide will show you how to connect a Playstation 2 and computer to a LCD monitor, and switch between the two on the fly. It will also cover using a component PS2 cable to get a sharper image compared to the regular composite PS2 cable.
Dell Alienware Area 51 Price Comparison To Custom-Built Gaming PC
Nov 30, 2014   Computer Hardware   Comments (2)
This is a comparison of the Dell Alienware Area-51 Windows gaming PC to a custom-built gaming PC with equivalent performance and function. Prices were gathered using PCPartPicker.
Dell Alienware X51 & Aurora Price Comparison With Custom-Built Gaming PC
Sep 2, 2014   Computer Hardware
Here is a comparison of the two Alienware Windows gaming PCs (X51 and Aurora) to custom-built gaming PCs to see how the prices stack up. This will help give an idea on the kind of markup Alienware (Dell) adds to their computers. Afterwards, you may find that building your own gaming PC is an attractive option. I will not be comparing the Alienware Alpha, which runs Steam OS.
Sep 26, 2011   Computer Hardware
Hard drive comparisonThis is a comparison of desktop computer 7200RPM 3.5" SATA hard drives. Prices were obtained at Newegg and include shipping and discounts where applicable (mail-in rebates not included). All drives have a 70% or greater 5/5 egg rating. The Ratio is the number of gigabytes each dollar purchases, so the higher the better.
Jan 28, 2011   Computer Hardware
View the updated guide here!

There are many reasons to build your own PC instead of buying a Dell, HP, or other pre-assembled PC. The most common reasons are that it's fun, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence, it gives you more control over what goes into your PC, and it usually costs less.
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