What is FlashBeat and How Do I Remove It?

Nov 24, 2015   Windows   Nick Vogt   Comments
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FlashBeat is an Adware program that runs in the background. It injects ads into webpages that are designed to look like they're part of the host website. For example: It will insert fake ads to the top of Google search results pages that look very similar to the normal Google ads.

FlashBeat often comes bundled with shady software and gets installed in the background without any notice. It starts automatically and will keep itself running or restart if its process is ended.

The program does have a listing in "Programs and Features", and you can uninstall it like any other program. When attempting to uninstall, it gives a misleading dialog box designed to trick you into clicking the wrong button:

FlashBeat Adware

Read the prompt carefully to make sure you click the proper button. Afterwards, run MalwareBytes or another good malware removal program, to make sure there are no traces left.
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