How To Download Stand-Alone Chrome & Canary Full Installers

Oct 24, 2014   Windows   Nick Vogt   Comments (1)
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The normal Chrome and Canary download is a small 800~ kilobyte program. Upon running, this program downloads the remaining part of itself (approximately 40 megabytes) before installing. If you prefer, you can alternately make it download the whole program at once, which is great for installing in offline situations.

To do this, go to the normal Chrome download page, and add ?standalone=1 to the end of the URL, like this:

For regular Chrome:

For Chrome Canary:

Installing In Program Files

Another option is to add system=true to the URL, which will download an installer that installs Chrome into the Program Files folder instead of the AppData folder. Unfortunately, this only works with Chrome and not Canary.

To get a Chrome installer that installs in the Program Files folder, use this URL:
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Comments (1)

Darpan Dodiya   Nov 28, 2014
Nice trick!
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