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Disable FileZilla Notification Bubble in Windows
Feb 16, 2016WindowsComments (3)
With version 3.15 of FileZilla FTP, the developers have added a notification bubble that pops up when transfers are complete and FileZilla is not in the foreground. With version 3.16 they made the bubbles pop up whether FileZilla is in the foreground or background. Disabling these notifications isn't immediately obvious. Here is how.

On version 3.15, you had to manually edit the filezilla.xml file and add:

<Setting name="Show notification bubbles">0</Setting>
With version 3.16, you can right-click in the "Queued Files" area and select "None" for the action to perform after queue completion:

Filezille Disable Notification Bubble Popups

Doing so adds the following line to filezille.xml:

<Setting name="Queue completion action">0</Setting>
Comments (3)
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Patrick   Jul 31, 2020
Great help, thank you! I tried clicking where it says Queued Files itself and nothing popped up. Glad you mentioned to click "in the area" above that. :p
skaizun   Jun 30, 2018
I appreciate the fix! I'm a computer programmer with over 40 years of experience, including 20 as a webmaster, and would never have figured it out on my own! I don't understand why any developers would choose to annoy established users, and make us search for answers to problems that should never have existed. Couldn't they have added a "stop notifications" checkbox or something? =smh=
Etienne Juneau   Aug 09, 2016
Thanks! Super annoying indeed.