How to Block YouTube Video "End Screens" Overlays and Subscribe Thumbnail at End of Video

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YouTube has recently added End Screens as an option for publishers. Similar to annotations, these overlay over the current video while it's playing, but unlike annotations they cannot be dismissed. These end screens appear in the final 10-15 seconds of the video and can contain thumbnails for videos, channels, and websites:

YouTube End Screens

Many publishers create their videos with some buffer content at the end specifically designed to work well with overlay videos. However, when the publisher doesn't do this but still decides to enable end screens, it can lead to much of the content of the video being obscured. If these end screens are bothering you, you can block them using an ad blocker browser extension and a simple filter.

Use an Ad Blocker

To block the end screen videos from showing up, you'll need an ad blocker extension or plug-in for your browser. If you don't already have one, you can get one from your browser's extension/plug-in page. I recommend µBlock Origin for either Chrome or Firefox. Any one that supports the AdBlock Plus filter syntax will work.

Adding a Custom Filter

Once you have the ad blocker installed, you'll need to add one custom filter to remove YouTube end screen videos. You can do this in the "My filters" section of uBlock, which can be found depending on your browser at:

More Tools > Extensions > uBlock Origin Options > My filters

Add-ons > Extensions > uBlock Origin Options > Show Dashboard > My filters

Add this filter on its own line (copy and paste it) and then hit "Apply changes":

You shouldn't need to restart your browser.

Reverting Back

If you want to revert back to allowing end screen videos, you'll have to remove the filter from your custom filters.
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Comments (95)

Sargon   Apr 23, 2021
Thank you! No more annoying pop ups that block the final moments of videos!
Austin   Apr 22, 2021
Yooo! Thank you, this worked like a charm!!
Jason   Apr 16, 2021
Thankyou sir !!!! Much Appreciated !!!!
Jonas   Feb 08, 2021
Also for me not working. I am using Edge with uBlock Origin and want to block the related videos at the end of a video.
Linda   Jan 29, 2021
Will this block the related preview videos on top covering most of the screen on you tube? If it does, then it didn't work for me. Am I doing something wrong?
Linda   Jan 29, 2021
What about for Microsoft Edge? Can I use this for that?
Ryaee   Jan 08, 2021
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Mary   Dec 18, 2020
Thank you so much. What a simple fix to a seriously irritating problem. Thank you!
Comment   Dec 18, 2020
Thank you, you magnificent bastards! Seriously hate youtube more and more everyday.
Steve69   Dec 18, 2020
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Brian G   Dec 12, 2020
May I be like the millionth person to thank you!
Laura A   Dec 10, 2020
So thankful for this! I am not usually that brave to add extensions and such due to major problems in the past but I was desperate to see the end of my music videos with out all those annoying ads... thank you so much!
J Rouse   Nov 30, 2020
As of December 2020 this still works, and perfectly. Thank you!
Shanghai Slim   Nov 25, 2020
I am very grateful for this advice, it works wonderfully! Hat's off to you!
cosmos411   Nov 23, 2020
Thank you! Nothing like getting to the end of a video only to miss it because of an overlay.
nnzero   Nov 17, 2020
thank you
Sky   Oct 20, 2020
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Diablo Suelto   Aug 29, 2020
Excellent! Even a computer dummy like me figured it out, though accessing the filters for uBlock in Firefox wasn't quite the same as indicated above to copypaste the code. In any event, it works just fine. Thanks!
Anonymous   Aug 15, 2020
Thank you, this worked very well.
Thanks!   Aug 10, 2020
Already had ublock, so I added the line of the filter Works wonderfully well on my test. I was sick of watching music videos where half the screen was covered by the end of the song. This works well!!!!!
Eric   Aug 09, 2020
Worked perfectly with Adblock Plus. Thank you so much, exactly what I was looking for
keith   Jul 30, 2020
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anon   Jul 06, 2020
Worked perfectly, thank you!
morgaine   Jun 19, 2020
totally worked brave browser + ublock
xyz1   Jun 12, 2020
Total B.S.
fakenews   May 29, 2020
does not work
1L19   May 13, 2020
Firefox 76.0.1 with uBlock Origin 1.26.2. Worked like a charm. Thank you sir for your kind share.
gwine   May 04, 2020
New permissions required for uBlock Origin: - Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - Change your privacy-related settings I DON'T THINK SO!
Milenko   May 02, 2020
In chrome you can right click on popup video,inspect element and click backspace.
Jules   Apr 30, 2020
Marvellous stuff, thanks
Daniel   Apr 23, 2020
Nick, this worked -- the cheesy ads that nearly covered the whole screen at the end of my videos are gone. THANK YOU!
Jcf   Apr 19, 2020
It didn't work for me. Firefox 75.0 & uBlock Origin 1.26.0. What did I do wrong?
ZY   Apr 16, 2020
Thank you so much with my heart truly
sacsound   Apr 08, 2020
Thank you so much for this! The end overlays are just short of evil, completely destroying any musical or theatrical work of art. There's a special place in heaven waiting for you.
Hicham   Apr 06, 2020
Thanks A Million! It worked!
Moe   Apr 03, 2020
If you are missing U-Block you might want to install it first. https://getublock.com/
KF   Mar 26, 2020
Why does every single instruction always skip a step... After "Extensions" there is no "U-Bock" anything anywhere!
Felidae   Jan 26, 2020
*bow* just what I needed.
EH   Dec 23, 2019
Thanks A Million! It worked! I'd say it's one of Youtube's worst features :/
Bazza   Dec 04, 2019
Worked in Firefox on Fedora. Nice one, many thanks !
alexis   Nov 21, 2019
thank you, it worked!!!
AmsterdamV   Nov 21, 2019
Worked with ABP!
Doug   Nov 20, 2019
It worked instantly and easily. Thank you so much!
Mel   Nov 18, 2019
Not working for me... :(
Tomas   Nov 15, 2019
Wonderful, thank you!! :D
Azoth   Nov 12, 2019
Thanks so much man.... you're a life-saver, this crap has been getting in the way of the actual content of videos, it's dumb
andy   Oct 16, 2019
Cheers - works really well! Is there any way to adapt it to the actual 'YouTube' android app though??
bloodwalks   Oct 15, 2019
Now I can watch my favorite videos without an ad blocking almost the entire screen. Many thanks.
allstarsniper32   Oct 13, 2019
While I probably shouldn't say this since the people at youtube make more money than I can even dream about having, but they are a bunch of idiots to think this feature was a good idea. Thanks a super ton for the fix!!!
Foxtrot6070   Oct 11, 2019
lol omg it worked like a charm. Thanks man!
Zach   Sep 21, 2019
THANK YOU for this! Why does Youtube want to ruin their own platform?
SuperNova   Sep 16, 2019
Jovan   Sep 11, 2019
Working on Firefox 69.0 and latest AdBlock Plus! Thank you a lot!
lesshim mo-ali   Jul 25, 2019
seems to kill 3 out of 4 in chromebook managed . Much better than 4 cards blocking end content. We all seem to be doing this at a similar time? Like when it got to nuisance level... youtube.com##.ytp-ce-element .. EASY!
Mohsin   Jul 03, 2019
Works perfectly with Chrome and AdBlock . Lots of Thanks!
Okim Selim   Jul 02, 2019
YouTube really thought this was a good idea? Wouldn't a user focused product team say "hey, the most important part of a video is the last 15 seconds, lets not block that"? Maybe the default for this feature should be a 10 second freeze frame of the last video frame over which the end screen cards would display unless the uploader specifically indicates to overlay over moving video? This is the kind of nonsense that happens when a company has no viable competition.
aztram   Jun 20, 2019
Sebastian   Jun 15, 2019
Works perfectly with Chrome and uBlock Origin. Thanks!
Fantastic   May 13, 2019
i'm so happy! Thank you! i use Palemoon browser with adblock latitude 5.0.1 and it's working!
Filipe   May 03, 2019
works fine.. thanks for the medicin..
Sinik   Apr 23, 2019
It works great, Thank you for sharing.
Stefan   Apr 18, 2019
Thank you!
James   Apr 16, 2019
THANKS SO MUCH! Worked great with chrome and ABP
CHJ   Apr 08, 2019
Works perfectly in Firefox with AdBlock Plus! ...Thanks for a GREAT tutorial!
MAX   Apr 06, 2019
thanks for the suggestion but when I try to add a custome filter it says "failed to fetch this filter" I used ad blocker with edge
MAX   Apr 06, 2019
thanks for the suggestion but when I try to add a custome filter it says "failed to fetch this filter" I used ad blocker with edge
Anony   Mar 31, 2019
Thank you SO MUCH! Those dumb videos completely blocked the screen when I was just trying to watch a video! Finally I can actually see the end!
Orko   Mar 24, 2019
Worked. Thanks so much!
Candaru   Mar 15, 2019
Thanks so much! I'm SO happy this actually worked; I was watching a series of videos with my mom and the popups kept interrupting the most dramatic parts. This worked like a charm, though!
mo   Feb 11, 2019
Thank you! There's a music video that had a specific ending for the little story they were telling but their giant ad card obscured it so it was making me nuts. Now I finally get to see the ending!
DJ_Zephyr   Feb 10, 2019
Pretty sad that I have to use an extension just to not have the end of videos obscured. These are worse than the pop-ups back in the '90s. Thanks for the guide.
Pissed   Feb 03, 2019
Thank you ever so much! If you thought ads in TV are annoying, you should watch few on youtube, , or any given website with pop-ups. I really don't know what they are thinking; for me, if someone us advertising his product using this method, or any other that's annoying, it is for me a reason to NOT buy this, or use that. End of story.
Jack R   Jan 22, 2019
Thanks so much for sharing this info. It worked just fine.
GeorgiaRide   Jan 21, 2019
Thank you!
Angelo Mascaro   Jan 16, 2019
Thank you very much, it worked fine on windows. How can you do this on Safari (MAC)?
Shocked   Jan 10, 2019
Thank you for sharing this solution. It works great.
Shocked   Jan 10, 2019
I can't read crucial text in the last 15secs of the video because it's overlayed and there is no way in heaven to read it without me becoming a fucking hacker. This is majorly degrading our user experience. Not even our investors will like that, right?! Please don't screw this up like Facebook did. Life is not all about money.....
Guderheinz   Jan 06, 2019
You are god, sir. I'm eternally in your debt!
Masamune   Dec 18, 2018
urghhh, thanks so much for this, youtube really need a built in option for this because it is really ridiculous.
vort   Nov 28, 2018
whoever idiot on the youtube/google team though this was a good idea needs to be fired, thanks for this tutorial
FBoe   Nov 28, 2018
What about on youtube TV apps for devices? This only works for web browsers.
gursi   Oct 29, 2018
kudos to u.👌😉
Shakeel Babar   Oct 18, 2018
Best Instructions . Much Thanks and appreciations
Aspendos.   Oct 14, 2018
Hello mate, amazing! Thanks a lot.
Phx   Oct 14, 2018
My man! Thank you <3
Zerkoto   Oct 14, 2018
Thank you so much for that filter dude! I was getting reeeeeeaally upset and frustrated when the final 15 seconds of my video are covered with some stupid thumbnails and ads. I am starting to hate Youtube for their ads politics :X
Nate   Sep 29, 2018
I can't thank you enough for posting this. That "feature" is absolutely infuriating, and all it took to fix it was one line in a script. Excellent work!
DF   Sep 26, 2018
Excellent - thank u.
Ano   Sep 03, 2018
This worked thanKS a lot!
Ann Onymous   May 25, 2018
Thanks ... this worked perfectly for me.
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