Run a Minecraft Server on Your PC and Play with Friends over the Internet or a LAN

Run a Minecraft Server on Your PC and Play with Friends over the Internet or a LAN

Nov 15, 2018   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments (269)
Setting up a Minecraft server on your home Windows computer is fairly easy. With basic knowledge of computers and networking, you can be playing with friends over a local area network (LAN) or the Internet in minutes.

Note: This guide is for the Java version of Minecraft, which is the original version for PC. Each player that wants to connect must have purchased Minecraft Java Edition for their PC from minecraft.net. The console and mobile versions are not compatible with the Java version, and for those you'll need to use Minecraft Realms.

Computer Performance Requirements
Make sure your computer has at least a 2 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB of memory (RAM), and a good Internet connection. I recommend a wired network to cut down on latency. Depending on how many players you'll have on your server, you may need more power than that. Stopping as many running and background programs as possible will also help.

If you plan to also play Minecraft on the same computer that the server is on, I recommend having 4 GB of RAM at a minimum and a fairly new processor and graphics card.

If your computer isn't up to the task, check out Amazon's top-rated gaming PCs.

Step 1: Get the Latest Version of Java

Go to java.com/en/download and get the latest version of Java.

Step 2: Download the Minecraft Server

Download the latest version of the server from the official download page. It will be a server.jar file. Put that downloaded file in a folder where you'd like to run the Minecraft server.

Step 3: Run the Server

Open a Windows command prompt in the folder where you put the server jar file. To easily do this, hold down shift while you right-click in an empty space inside the folder:

Minecraft Server Command Prompt

Once in the command prompt, run this command to start the server:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui
You can paste the command into the command prompt by right-clicking and choosing paste (ctrl+v does not work in command prompts).

Using PowerShell Instead of Command Prompt
If the command prompt didn't work or you would prefer to use PowerShell, you can and it works similarly. Just make sure you have PowerShell open in the directory where server.jar is. This may be accomplished differently on different Windows versions. Search online if you're unsure how. Once in the proper directory, run the same command from above. Note: To paste into PowerShell you only need to right-click inside the window.

Once ran, the Minecraft server will create some files in the folder it resides in and you should receive an error message about the EULA:

Minecraft Server Command Prompt

You will have to open the generated eula.txt file and set:

After doing that, run the command again. This time a new world should be generated and your server should be running:

Minecraft Server Command Prompt

Step 4: Server Commands

The server is controlled using server commands that you enter in the command prompt. View the basic server commands here and familiarize yourself with them. At the very least, know how to use stop, which safely closes down the server and saves the world.

Minecraft Server Command Prompt

Step 5: Connect to Your Server

Open the regular Minecraft game, click Multiplayer, then click Direct Connect. You'll be entering an IP address here based on where you are relative to the server computer.

On the same computer
If you're playing Minecraft on the same computer as the Minecraft server, enter

On another computer in the network
If you're on another computer in the local network (connected to the same router), enter the local IP address of the computer that's running the server. To find this, go to the computer that's running the server and type ipconfig into a command prompt. The IP address should look similar to, though the last two numbers could be different.

(The above is an example IP address only)

Over the Internet
To connect to the Minecraft server over the Internet, you'll need to know the external IP address of the computer the Minecraft server is on. You can find it by browsing to whatismyip.com while on the Minecraft server PC. Just like the local IP address, it will be 4 sets of numbers separated by periods. It may look something like but each set of numbers will be different.

If the computer that the Minecraft server is on is connected via a router to the Internet modem, which it should be for security reasons, then you'll have to make sure the router is properly port forwarding Minecraft Internet traffic to the computer that has the Minecraft server on it (even if you only have the one computer).

Port forwarding is something your router does so that it sends the right type of traffic to the right computer. Minecraft uses port 25565, so the router needs to be setup to send any traffic on port 25565 to the computer that has the Minecraft server.

Go to portforward.com, scroll down and select your router model. The model number is usually listed on the front or back of your router. If you are shown an advertisement for a port forwarding program, click "skip this advertisement" at the top.

Next, select the game you want to port forward for, which is "Minecraft Server" in this case. It may tell you that you need a static IP address. It's referring to the internal IP address. Every time a computer is connected to your router, or turned on, the router assigns it a local IP address. It usually stays the same but can sometimes change. So you may have to update the settings if you were to disconnect the computer from the router or shut it down. If you run Minecraft server a lot and shut down your computer often, you may want to look into giving your computers static local IP addresses.

Once you've forwarded port 25565 to the correct computer, you can test it at www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports. Be sure to check for port 25565 (80 is the default port for website traffic). For additional troubleshooting, see the Minecraft server install wiki.

Keep in mind that both your external and local IP addresses may change when you shut down your computer or reset your modem. Each time you start your server, be sure to double-check your internal and external IP address, and update settings accordingly.

Now that your Minecraft server is properly setup, you can send your external IP address to your friends and have them connect to your Minecraft server over the Internet:

(The above is an example IP address only)
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Comments (269)

ThaSkier   Sep 21, 2019
Very helpful, thanks :)
psionics   Sep 20, 2019
I can't enter my own server(which I'm running on my pc). When I enter the world it says it can't verify my username. How do I fix this?
MyNameJeff   Sep 18, 2019
This article is very helpful and descriptive. Good job gamers, now I can be epic with my mates.
uhu1037   Sep 13, 2019
UnstableAssasin same problem here and i don't get why...
kratosgod   Sep 13, 2019
Minecraft java edition sucks if there was add friends I would not hate it I would have Minecraft pocket edition now
YEET   Aug 25, 2019
it does not work on Mac
Maaz shiahid   Aug 24, 2019
Minecraft is not online play with google
lulba   Aug 22, 2019
Do you have to turn off the firewall?
oswaldo jesus   Aug 18, 2019
yoyo   Aug 17, 2019
@donkerdoodle you just paste java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui into the command prompt againi believe
Jj hroxiem   Aug 16, 2019
How to friend of minecraft
IM GOOD   Aug 07, 2019
Hey there can i change the ip connect for online players to another name like server.net or something and can i make a description for the server, name the server and put a pic, so I can add server and it looks unique? Thanks
Simba   Aug 06, 2019
Well how can I play in the same server my friend did if he stop playing the game ? everytime when he stops sever kick me out. what can i do for that ? do I have change my IP to hes ?
happy   Aug 02, 2019
PEWDIEPIE   Aug 02, 2019
Evulture   Aug 01, 2019
Will this not take over your computer?
DonkerDoodle   Aug 01, 2019
when you use "stop" to save and shut down the server, how do you then re-open the same server?
anonymos   Aug 01, 2019
making a server in Minecraft pe is a lot easier
UnstableAssassin   Jul 31, 2019
I did all the steps i can load into the server but my friend cannot but im giving him the right IP
KiwiFruit555   Jul 31, 2019
@11yearoldkid im with you right now
KiwiFruit555   Jul 31, 2019
It is pretty easy (I take a LOT of coding classes), but do i need a static IP address if i want a custom IP for my server instead of having numbers?
11yearoldkid   Jul 31, 2019
i did it, i dont see the problem
RoseyFlower10   Jul 30, 2019
Is it possible to only have friends on the sever?
NOOOBS!!!   Jul 29, 2019
you guys are noobs you dont know how to do it well, i dont either -_-
whatthehell   Jul 29, 2019
jesus christ this is comlicated as hell
succubus   Jul 24, 2019
did i see the word easy... LIIIEEESS
Britton   Jul 21, 2019
I CANT DO IT!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No   Jul 20, 2019
why in the hell does this have to have so many steps -_-
sdkjhfksdjhf   Jul 17, 2019
I just want to play with a freind
Gundamliam   Jul 16, 2019
jesus christ this is complicated
Spudzzy03   Jul 08, 2019
I tried this but i got the io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information error
MARIEL ANGELA JAO   Jul 01, 2019
21bunnyha   Jun 30, 2019
Can they show a one with microsoft 10......?
Jake deBoer   Jun 26, 2019
Hi, I made a 1.14.3 server earlier to play w/ friends, use a video tutorial by the Breakdown, and link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wtVX-leiu4
Didn't Work   Jun 26, 2019
Could you either make a video or put this into english?
SOZDAR   Jun 26, 2019
Mopishlynx23   Jun 23, 2019
In order to get mods to work on your server, you have to download the forge server file from the internet instead of the official Minecraft one. To download this, download the forge installer for the version of Minecraft you want and press "install server" when you open it. after going through all the steps in the tutorial, move all mods to the newly created "mods" folder. Then, when you run it, those mods will be active.
Genuis? or a Shadow?! WHO CARES!   Jun 21, 2019
I need help with playing on 1.14.2 help!!!!!!
poTAto   Jun 21, 2019
Can someone post a video tutorial plz\
King_HakSa   Jun 17, 2019
To locate ur .minecraft file -> open ur file browser -> type in %appdata% -> locate the .minecraft file. If the server file ain’t there, then u gotta check where u chose to install ur server file. Like I just did, I run my server from my external HDD plugged in to my iMac. Just created a folder named “minecraft server, installed the server files into the folder on my external HDD. For mods, do the exact same thing, just make sure to install the mods / mod launcher INSIDE the minecraft server folder.
someone who wants to remain anonymous   Jun 15, 2019
works fine, just have to portforward
daryan   Jun 14, 2019
hello how can i play with friends in minecraft Tlauncher version 1.14.2 please can someone help me
Dumbass   Jun 12, 2019
I like how this is so you don't have to buy realms then its like if your computer is not up to it buy a 1400 dollar computer
person   Jun 11, 2019
Can you please finish the tutorial.
SheepishGaming   Jun 10, 2019
How do I put mods in a server?
Anonymous   Jun 09, 2019
i dont get a EULA
Anonymous   Jun 08, 2019
There are steps missing. fix it.
r2d2 100   Jun 08, 2019
Me   Jun 05, 2019
how do i make a minecraftserver like hypixel
Sangre-De-Toro   Jun 03, 2019
i am a pro at minecraft bro yooooooooooooöooöooooooo
deadlyx   May 18, 2019
wont let me open powershell after i closed it. like i try to right click in the folder doesn't give me an option to open it like it did last time
samysaheb   May 15, 2019
im love minecraft
yoloswaglmao42069   May 10, 2019
you can use aternos too if this not works. link to the website: https://aternos.org
Hoping   May 05, 2019
Does anyone know how to add mods to the server?
Braaivleis   May 05, 2019
anyone here that have team-speak that can assist me. i have the server working but i am struggling to enable my command block. and to allow my friends to use commands in game.
Caleb   May 02, 2019
Where is the "Minecraft Server" Folder located?
..   Apr 25, 2019
They made it so confusing so we all buy realms and spend money on their shite game
noob   Apr 14, 2019
y'all funny hahah
Hridhik   Apr 08, 2019
I don't have minecraft java edition -_-
SaltyLife   Mar 28, 2019
when I put that command in it says: Error: Unable to access jarfile server.jar so what do I have to do now?
harvey   Mar 27, 2019
how do i run minecraft
Mikkel   Mar 15, 2019
can you do it in versions before latest
crikye   Mar 10, 2019
if anyone is confused about port forwarding: Check your internet router, on it it should have a website or a series of numbers to put into the search tab in whatever browser. That will take you to a page asking you to input a username and password, both of these things should be written on the router as well. If the default one written on the router isn't working, it's probably been changed. Ask either your parents or whoever set up that router. Once in, find the section on the page called "port forwarding" or "port-range forwarding". You'll either have a section called "Start" and "End" where you can type in some numbers (where you put in 25565) - or two acronyms UCP and T something, type in the same number in these areas.
Noah   Mar 08, 2019
I'm still really confused on how to port my router to work with my server? And then where do I find the IP to let others play on the server?
scubasteve   Mar 07, 2019
Is there any way to connect to a pc server with out the use of realms?
Kaiisreal   Mar 01, 2019
If does not work, your friend's IP + :25565 at the end, is your server IP.
Bentley   Feb 28, 2019
Juan   Feb 21, 2019
I followed all the steps and It works just fine. Any guide to add mods to our servers?
elena   Feb 17, 2019
I can't connect to my own server :(( every time i try, it just gives me an error message... please help!!
angelica q aberilla   Feb 03, 2019
/give @p friends
HElper Guy   Jan 30, 2019
hit the windows key and type in cmp then enter ipconfig scroll down untill you see the ip IPv4 on the right of this you should see a set of numbers with dots enter this into to server address and Boom youve got it
Helper guy   Jan 22, 2019
time in "whats my ip adress on google".
ERYCK   Jan 22, 2019
Aubrey   Jan 19, 2019
I've watched many videos and I've tried all of this. It never worked! I don't understand why! My friend and I are playing on the same type of PC as well. What do I do!?
emma   Jan 19, 2019
Erfan   Jan 17, 2019
try to join my friends server time out
Erfan   Jan 17, 2019
hi guys i build server on Internet my friends see my server but try to join my server after 20 sec my friends time out why how can fix this ?
DarkDealth   Jan 16, 2019
Cant Connect to server
Alkatraz   Jan 16, 2019
Cant connect to my own server. Typing that there are technic works?
Pika_Chu101   Jan 11, 2019
Join my YT server rn!!! My IP address is 56801!!! Hurry b4 time runs out!!
Santiago pro Minecraft player   Jan 09, 2019
I would like you to give me the Spiderman mod
Nedoa   Jan 09, 2019
I have tried to connect to server but keep getting a failed to connect to the server error: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information Can anyone help me please?
Sourishes   Jan 05, 2019
i keep timing out of my own server before even joining
Muggemanden   Jan 04, 2019
When my friends Ethernet lan cable types "localhost" it just comes with a fail. Ive already allowed my game to pass my firewall. What to do?
Spandahcake   Jan 02, 2019
all i have for the ipv6 is a jumble of letters and numbers, how do i get the normal ip like (that isn't it, just an example)
Nick   Dec 27, 2018
To get OP you have to add your username to the op text file that gets generated after the server runs for the first time. I don't recall the exact file name at the moment.
JM   Dec 27, 2018
How Do I Get OP?
Sophie   Dec 07, 2018
true 180 pe   Dec 04, 2018
skyf   Nov 23, 2018
I don't have the option to open the command window it just says open Windows Powershell
GamingKing2436   Nov 20, 2018
4everM3loun go to server.properties and change online-mode=true to false
Yaboi   Nov 19, 2018
what is this?? this looks like instructions to build a bomb not to play online? Why cant they implement it in the game.
Monamis   Nov 05, 2018
In Windows Powershell after initiating the command and error comes up stating 'Error: Unable to access jarfile server.jar"???
ReallyWhat   Nov 04, 2018
Endercreeperknightkt if you're referring to the local network multiplayer on the pocket, you can do this easily on the pc as well. This tutorial is for making your own server, not opening a LAN world.
Endercreeperkingkt   Nov 04, 2018
MY GOD! This is why I like PE edition better because it's much easier to multiplayer on! Can Mojang just use a simple method to do multiplayer?!
KHALED   Oct 25, 2018
Nick   Oct 25, 2018
Deco, it looks like you're on Windows 10. I haven't tried Minecraft on W10 yet, but you should be able to run the command in PowerShell similarly.
Deco   Oct 25, 2018
When I shift right click it only gives me powershell and I cant figure out this!!!
YoloNeriYo   Oct 24, 2018
Yo dudes but it doesn't let me because now it's 1.13.2 update so i cannot find 1.12.2 server. Can anybody help me?
jeremy   Oct 16, 2018
Lillith   Oct 05, 2018
hey guys. I cant play online in servers and I dont know why. but it just says "Failed to authenticate your connection" and yes we have wi-fi its unlimited. It works on everything else like my xbox but jutsz not my computer. so if you have anything to say that would be great, thanks Lillith.
Brooke   Oct 02, 2018
me and my friend are trying and trying to play on the same server, we are even watching youtube videos about it but it just won't pop up as a LAN game thing for the other person. we are on the same internet and everything. Can you please give us any suggestions on how to do it? please that would be great :) thanks.
Carmen   Sep 23, 2018
Join Minecraft please go to My World is a house
triptaminer   Sep 09, 2018
Hello, thanks for tutorial. it is pretty easy to understand and it should work without problem for all common setups. but i would like to run it on some funny custom setup. i have common webserver. small piece of disk space, small amount of network traffic. but i have ANOTHER private server at home (but dynamic IP from ISP). do you know, how can i dynamically redirect MCs connection from fixed address to my personal server? in example: i put address my.webserver.com:1234 and it will still redirect game to (SOME_IP):1234. (SOME_ID) is collecting every 5 minutes, but i dont know, if game should follow some .htaccess redirects. or is there some kind of minecraft server config file which should inform client about "new" location of server?
DJMK   Sep 03, 2018
I cant wait to play with you guys
4everM3loun   Aug 22, 2018
My friend with warez (cracked) minecraft tried to join my server but he cant. Can i do something to get there he could join ??
Chris Avlonitis   Aug 20, 2018
how can a pc from another house or network connect to my server? i tried to play with my friend and he wasnt able to join.
GolPixelGamingYT   Aug 09, 2018
How can I give it a server address (e.g: mc.playGPGserver.myserv.pro) all I can do for now is put in "localHost" as the address and that's only private.
Nick_McStampy   Aug 08, 2018
could you do a tutorial for bedrock edition as well?
Nick_McStampy   Aug 08, 2018
Could you see if You could update the method? I think it has been changed... Also, could you add some extra of the extra features (like in the properties file) in the tutorial? please and thank you
Gio   Aug 05, 2018
Hi and thanks for the tutorial. I can start m server (v1.13) on my windows 10 PC. I downloaded the standard java client on the minecraft.net but as soon as I start it, I can only PLAY DEMO. No other options. It seems I have to buy it to use it on m LAN. It's possible to get a free version for local games only?
Xanevier   Aug 03, 2018
i can't connect to my own server, it said com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile@7c61c26e[id=<null>,name=Xanevier,properties={},legacy=false] (/ lost connection: Disconnected
Nick   Jul 26, 2018
Try running the command like this (assuming your filename is "server.jar"): java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui
Saph   Jul 25, 2018
im stuck at the command prompt, i have it opened from the folder the server file is in. I run the command to start the server and it tells me it cant find the file. i renamed the file too.
zZmanYTB   Jul 18, 2018
Stephen open powershell , it's a app exactly like cmd
zZmanYTB   Jul 18, 2018
''Hi'' Rename the file
zZmanYTB   Jul 18, 2018
Anonymous , if that is not showing than you will find ''Open Powershell window here'' which is the same thing
zZmanYTB   Jul 18, 2018
f0 in the folder with the server you will find server.propreties open with notepad , scroll down till you find online-mode: true. Delete true and type: false.
IanC   Jul 14, 2018
You can change the seed in the server.properties file
Nick_McStampy   Jun 29, 2018
Ok, thanks. Yeah, it's not there I guess it was deleted. BTW is there a way to change the name or seed?
Nick   Jun 28, 2018
The server world is created in the same folder as the server.jar file (it is a folder named "world"). It's generally a good idea to create a backup copy of this folder often. If it was deleted, the next time the server runs it will generate a new world (with the folder name "world").
Nick_McStampy   Jun 27, 2018
Hey, long time, no talk. Anyways, how do get the info for the world back? The world and files disappeared after crashing, gave me a new world but same inventory so what do I do?
Nick   May 23, 2018
If you don't want to download Java then you can use Minecraft Realms for multiplayer.
Dolphinbill5   May 23, 2018
Anyway we can do it without downloading a virus?
Alexis   May 19, 2018
im on MacBook Air
Alexis   May 19, 2018
HELPPPPPP, me and my friend want to play Minecraft together but im on computer and she's on iPhone and we can't figure out how to join one or the other plzzzzzz help
f0   May 06, 2018
can i run it on a cracked minecraft? ive tried, and it says 'failed to verify username'
muhammad fiqri   Apr 30, 2018
Anonymous   Apr 26, 2018
The "Open command window here" button isn't showing. whyy...?
silver   Apr 22, 2018
Hi, thanks so much for this guide, but I'm still having some difficulty. I followed all port-forwarding instructions, got a static IP address. I can access the server through "localhost," but I'm unable to get friends on non-local servers to connect. Port-checker websites do say that port 25565 is closed on my IP; is this a Firewall issue? I can't access my Firewall info; when I go to "allow an app to run through firewall," Java is not listed as an option. I can't find the Firewall services on my router's settings page ANYWHERE (I'm using a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000). I'm also running Norton, is this a problem? (The error code friend received when he tried to connect is "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:" Thanks!
DutchScary   Apr 21, 2018
thanks for this help. I'am so happy now : )
Me is you   Apr 14, 2018
When I clicked the download link it gave me a file named server not minecraft_server.1.12.2 so when I did the command it didn’t work
Nick_McStampy   Apr 06, 2018
thanks, and I sent you a google hangouts thing, by the way, hope that was ok with you I meant to ask but I clicked the wrong thing.
Nick   Apr 06, 2018
Here's some info on changing the server port: bukkit.org/threads/how-to-change-your-minecraft-server-port.119864/ And here's how to run two different server instances: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/server-support/server-administration/1892550-multiple-worlds-server-at-the-same-ip
Nick_McStampy   Apr 06, 2018
Thank you for the response!
Nick_McStampy   Apr 06, 2018
Thank you. Could you do a tutorial on making a Minecraft server that listens to a different port and the internet connection setup thing? (P.S. didn't know what to call it so don't judge my terminology, please.😜 )
Nick   Apr 06, 2018
I'm not sure if you can do a second setup on the same computer. It would depend on if you can run a separate instance of the Minecraft server that listens to a different port, I think. I haven't researched into it but that may be a place to start. If you're in different cities you'll have to connect over the Internet. The setup is a little more difficulty but not too bad. You could also just give in and use Minecraft Realms, which costs money but will be much simpler.
Nick_McStampy   Apr 06, 2018
Two main questions: Q1) Is it possible to do a second setup of this on one computer? Q2) How can I and my cousin connect when he is in New York and I'm in Fayetteville? One side question: Q3) when will I get any answers?
Nick_McStampy   Apr 03, 2018
Is it possible to do a second setup of this on one computer?
michael   Mar 21, 2018
how i play?
person   Mar 21, 2018
how do i add more ram
Hi   Mar 16, 2018
When I clicked the download link it gave me a file named server not minecraft_server.1.12.2 so when I did the command it didn’t work
Stephen   Mar 11, 2018
I don't have the option to open the command window it just says open Windows Powershell
Z1RO   Mar 11, 2018
My friend cant join :(
Wyattstubbs   Feb 05, 2018
Who gots server 1.29 join me my name is on minecraft is theonlyome&12
Wyattstubbs   Feb 05, 2018
Who want to plwy with me my server is 1.2.9. Anybody plz play with me
king   Feb 04, 2018
Burger_burglar   Feb 03, 2018
This is easy, me and my friend just started playing together doing this, well explained, i give it that :)
brooklyn taare   Jan 31, 2018
i really wanted to play it but i can not download
jerome fakhoury   Jan 19, 2018
i also wanted to get a laptop and a mouse for my laptop
jerome fakhoury   Jan 19, 2018
i really want to play with my sisters online i wanted to play minecraft because I don't have the app
catmonster873   Jan 14, 2018
i need help and im trying to play with my friend and plz help january 14,2018
Emelda   Jan 08, 2018
Sammy   Jan 07, 2018
I did not fully get it but I think it will be good.
Jake   Jan 05, 2018
Dam mincraft is fun
Mkm   Jan 03, 2018
I want to play freaking Minecraft online did is Nov help
Imp 178   Jan 03, 2018
I am not an imp actually ok but I want to know why when I type ipconfig into the command prompt of the server and it says unknown command? help, please!!!!!
uni the kitteh   Dec 28, 2017
what should i be doing in a less techy way
Jeff the killer   Dec 14, 2017
limaj246   Dec 13, 2017
hi lets play minecraft i play on ps3
Adam   Dec 12, 2017
I'm having significant problems playing this game with my friend via the internet. Why's it got to be so bloody complicated? The first time we opened my ports and I did the static IP address stuff, it eventually worked, the whole nightmare only taking half an hour. However we spent two hours on it yesterday and she just could not connect to me no matter what.
Treazure 😎😎   Oct 15, 2017
I want to play Minecraft now
Ian   Oct 13, 2017
Hi guys if you want to join in phone just download the blockman multiplayer for mcpe
MAP   Oct 07, 2017
can anyone help? Please
Poo   Oct 06, 2017
I love minecraft S
Matthew Cantu   Aug 30, 2017
i need help can anyone help
Nastase Damian Stefan   Aug 08, 2017
25565 bro
Kim Syverson   Jun 18, 2017
how get minecraft
Minh Anh   Jun 16, 2017
Sandhy YT Drake   Jun 16, 2017
i think its to easy for me
Antonio Nardone   Jun 05, 2017
This doesn't work D: I can join but others can't ! ''connection timed out''
Oshay Chavarin Oshaychavarin   May 24, 2017
can i join to play with you guys please
Les Washington   May 15, 2017
Natalie Sutherland   Mar 25, 2017
i love minecraft
Wyatt Wayne   Dec 22, 2016
This Was Super Helpful!!! Now me an my Friend can play minecraft together
Putu Jerry   Dec 12, 2016
. Thanks Minecraft Duh i with me child i have child 2
Merina Fernando   Nov 27, 2016
David Glassman   Oct 30, 2016
i love mincraft! its the best!
Solongo Monhtor   Oct 24, 2016
minecraft pe ??????
Nick Vogt   Aug 29, 2016
That's a version 6 IP address. Should work the same, though I have no experience using it with Minecraft.
Edwins Bazile   Aug 28, 2016
it says my ip is 2601:18d:4201:5c3:f177:5e22:b9c2:f2f1
Nick Vogt   Jul 06, 2016
"localhost" refers to the computer you're currently on. If you're connecting to a server that is running on the same computer, then you can use "localhost" or, they are interchangeable here.
Yesenia Alamo   Jul 05, 2016
Ok I went to a different video and I downloaded it and it told me to put the ip as localhost I did it but what's the ip? I'm so confused is someone knows pls reply
Sharifi Brown   Jun 27, 2016
hey i am new so if you guys can help me plz do
Tolen Bajubair   May 18, 2016
I really need someone to ply minecraft pc or xbox 360 with me becuase Im feeling soo lonley I am 11 i started playing minecraft a year ago and Iam a girl and i play only with girls thank you
Julie Emery   May 08, 2016
This does not help because it's on my phone
Kayla N Batstone   May 06, 2016
Carsy Lacson   Mar 27, 2016
it says java.net.COnnectException; connectionrefused: nofurtherinformation WHAT DO I DOO
Hailey Mitchell   Dec 13, 2015
i don't no what to uese for it at all sorry but i don't no.
Hailey Mitchell   Dec 13, 2015
hey does any boady whant to play mincraft with me toaday
Renalty de Lima   Nov 14, 2015
onde baixa aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nick Vogt   Nov 12, 2015
You may have to search Google for help on your specific router. Find out the exact model and search for port forwarding.
Steven Sandoval   Nov 12, 2015
Nick Vogt portforward.com does not have my router. What do I do now?
Nick Vogt   Nov 11, 2015
If he's connecting over the Internet, he'll have to put in your IP address (and your local network needs to be setup to properly port forward Minecraft connections).
Steven Sandoval   Nov 11, 2015
If I am going to have my computer host the server while playing on it, what does my friend put into the direct connect to connect to my server?
Logan Kern   Oct 19, 2015
How can i change what the world is like.
Chiwaii Farms   Sep 16, 2015
Windows ten edition, phone versions and ios versions r compoaatible due to the latest update. I have tried it without the cross platform (normal one) and i still had the same problem ;-:
Nick Vogt   Sep 14, 2015
Your router is set up to use 10.0.0.x for DHCP, which shouldn't be an issue (you'll just be using that instead of 192.168.1.x). I am not sure why it isn't working for you, but I have no experience with cross platform Minecraft. I'm not sure that they are compatible.
Chiwaii Farms   Sep 14, 2015
I have followed everything correctly, but the only difference between urs and mine is that my ip for my pc is 10.0.0.( ) i wont tell the last two numbers. Its the same as my default gateway cept for the last part. I want to run the server on my pc and play it on my kindle ( i hve a cross platform server if that helps) and whenever i trt to connect it says cannot load world etc
Nick Vogt   Aug 31, 2015
If your computer is powerful enough, you definitely can. You can run a Minecraft client as well as the server, or anything else your computer if up for.
Starla Watson   Aug 31, 2015
if i put a minecraft server on my computer can i still use my computer for other things or is going to only be for minecraft???????
Zara Bashaeva   Aug 27, 2015
aj get a minecraft
Zara Bashaeva   Aug 27, 2015
i wil
Shiniest Popplio   Jul 30, 2015
i will
Bonnie Reynolds   Jul 20, 2015
want to play minecraft but nothing is working
Dellys Haynes   Jul 07, 2015
Minecraft is awesome
Malik Flame   Jun 27, 2015
Ball DeAbate   Jun 16, 2015
i have pc version
Ball DeAbate   Jun 16, 2015
how wants to be my freind
Tam Nguyen   Jun 15, 2015
Kenzie Kbbsl   Apr 24, 2015
ha who noes ben
Bret Bruce   Apr 22, 2015
you gay son
Kyle William McComsey   Apr 07, 2015
i will join that server
Hussain Aledrus   Apr 01, 2015
Hussain Aledrus   Apr 01, 2015
I got ps3
Hussain Aledrus   Apr 01, 2015
Sidii Yaqub   Mar 20, 2015
Sidii Yaqub   Mar 20, 2015
join this server
Jacqueline Ezell   Mar 18, 2015
i love u
Silvestre Sebastian D'Amore   Feb 10, 2015
does this work with friends around the globe? or just within range of ur own house
Anthony Sebastian   Dec 29, 2014
Excellent Minecraft wiki! I was able to easily setup a server and play with my friends following your steps! Thanks!
Kevin McDermitt   Dec 07, 2014
Great "how-to"...thanks for putting this together!
Kristina Lovelace Hawkins   Dec 01, 2014
I'm going to play right now
Jodie Andrea Green   Feb 12, 2014
I don't know how
Nicholai Vince Pancho   Mar 13, 2013
can someone give me a ip number and i will join the server
Dylan Sinclair   Jan 02, 2013
nevermind my bad
Dylan Sinclair   Jan 02, 2013
how do ur friends connect
Yon Stackz   Dec 21, 2012
let play minecraft
Julie Kumm   Oct 24, 2012
can i play minecraft
Adam Ryan Scott Konkle   Sep 28, 2012
i like this games vere much
Tyler Felts   Sep 20, 2012
does anybody have mincraft
Melissa Costa   Sep 07, 2012
One friend can connect to my server, while another friend cannot. However the friend that cannot connect to my server can connect to other servers. So..... help? Anyone?
dokstein   Aug 20, 2012
This is great info and worked beautifully for me to set up a minecraft server for my son to play with his friends. The only things that are missing in these instructions are: (1) That I had to open up my Windows (XP, fyi) firewall on the machine I was running minecraft on. The symptom of this was that when we tried to do a direct connect to the server, the connection timed out. The solution was to bring up Control Panel / Security Center, click Windows Firewall under "Manage security settings for:", select the Exceptions tab, click "Add Port...", and then enter a name (anything - I picked "Minecraft") and 25565 for the port number. The instructions for this would be similar, though different, for other Windows versions, commercial firewall products, etc. Also (2), I believe only users with premium Minecraft accounts will be able to connect to a remote server.
David Artavia   Jul 10, 2012
no lo entiendo deberia estar en espaol y yo digo en la computadora para que sepan y no puedo ir al inicio
Charudaththa Thenuwara   Jun 22, 2012
It says cannot verify Username, does this work on Mineshafter?
Jackie Almstad-Heenan   Jun 13, 2012
too hard 4 me (
Suttree Lowery   Jun 12, 2012
:T i think I'm the only person who this didn't work for.
Sean Ukno Miller   Jun 04, 2012
none of this will work on both ends??? please help
Stephany Paredes   May 26, 2012
this guide is so amazing, i spent hours looking at videos and other tutorials how to set LAN and Internet...and finally this tutorial helpped with both!! thank you soooo much~!!! ugh you saved me and my fiance from wasting time sleeping when we could be playing minecraft!!
Melanie Marasco   Apr 28, 2012
Thanks bro for the instructions
Melanie Marasco   Apr 27, 2012
Keaton Slowiak   Apr 11, 2012
i cant play with my friend how do i do that
Collin F Mesa   Apr 08, 2012
Badass. :D
Dylan Thomson   Apr 04, 2012
what changes does it do to the computer
Rifshad Mohamed   Mar 24, 2012
John Clark   Mar 11, 2012
trey you need to run the jar file when u join
Trae Rohleder   Mar 02, 2012
jack.kivleyhotmail.com   Feb 01, 2012
I hve a stupid 2wire router!
Saadat Alam   Dec 04, 2011
danm i dont have minecraft
Hit Halder   Dec 04, 2011
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