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Dec 3, 2014   Mobile
You can speed up window animations and other transitions in Android, without root, by changing some hidden options in the Settings menu.
Nov 25, 2014   Mobile   Comments (13)
In Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google introduced a white background to the app drawer screens. This follows their material design philosophy, but may be too bright for some of us.
Nov 25, 2014   Mobile   Comments (11)
The new default keyboard in Android 5.0 Lollipop has a light/white background, which is a departure from previous versions of Android that had a dark background. If you want to change it to a dark background, or revert to the previous Holo keyboard style, follow these steps.
Nov 20, 2014   Mobile   Comments (1)
Update: Gmail now has a combined inbox. Just use the "All inboxes" button on the slide-in menu.

Android Gmail Combined Inbox

Continue reading on for some Gmail alternatives.

Google has done away with the stock email app in Android 5.0 Lollipop. You're now forced to use the new and improved Gmail. If you try to open the stock email app, you'll get this message:
Nov 19, 2014   Mobile   Comments (46)
In the latest version of Chrome released with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google is trying out a new feature where Chrome tabs are now merged with recent tasks in the app switcher. The tab menu is gone from the browser and you now switch between browser window tabs using the system-wide app switcher.
How To Edit Bad Piggies Levels & Get A Larger Building Grid (Editing The Source Code)
Sep 24, 2014   Mobile   Comments (48)
This is a lengthy and technical post about editing the Bad Piggies application code in order to edit levels, enlarge the building grid, and make other tweaks to the gameplay. This covers the Windows and Android versions only, but the process will be similar for Mac and iOS if you can get access to the game application files.
How To Get The Bad Piggies Field Of Dreams Level On Mobile Or Desktop
Aug 13, 2014   Mobile   Comments (10)
There are three ways to get the Field Of Dreams level for the game Bad Piggies. This guide was written primarily for Android but is applicable to the computer and iOS as well.
Aug 12, 2014   Mobile   Comments (1)
Here is a two-stage rocket with expendable first stage and mobile launch platform built in the Bad Piggies Field Of Dreams level. The mobile launch platform can capture the second stage/capsule after it descends.
Sep 20, 2013   Mobile   Comments (5)
Launcher icon badge notifications are available in Samsung TouchWiz devices with Android Jelly Bean. They resemble the badge notifications in iOS. Social, messaging, and email apps can utilize this functionality to display a number showing how many new notifications there are.
Apr 3, 2012   Mobile
You can spoof the user agent on your Android phone fairly easily, using Firefox and the Phony plug-in. This allows you to make websites think you're browsing on a desktop computer, iPhone, or something else.
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