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How To Get The Bad Piggies Field Of Dreams Level On Mobile Or Desktop
Aug 13, 2014MobileComments (15)
There are three ways to get the Field Of Dreams level for the game Bad Piggies. This guide was written primarily for Android but is applicable to the computer and iOS as well.

Method 1: Buy It In-Game

If you don't mind paying a few bucks, simply click on the Field Of Dreams level in-game and you will be taken to the corresponding marketplace to complete the purchase.

On Android you can earn Google Play credits from the official Google Opinion Rewards App.

It should be noted that if you have a free version of Bad Piggies with advertisements, buying Field of Dreams does not disable ads.

Method 2: Swap Your Save File

If you can obtain a Bad Piggies Progress.dat file that has Field Of Dreams unlocked, you can swap it into your data folder on your device. You may be able to obtain this file from a friend that has purchased Field Of Dreams, or from a number of different online forums. Please search the Internet to find one (I cannot list any here).

To change your Progress.dat file on Android, use a file browser and browse to one of these locations depending on the version of the game you have:


Inside the folder you will find a file called Progress.dat. Rename it to something like Progress.dat.original. Don't just delete or overwrite it, in case you want to change it back. Then copy or move the unlocked Progress.dat file into the folder. You can also do this with your Android connected to a PC.

On the PC version, you can swap the same file (the folder location is different). To do it on iOS you will probably have to jailbreak it first.

Method 3: Cracking Your Game

I really do not recommend this method, unless you want to tinker with more of the game. There are cracking programs available online that will do this, at least for some versions of the game (such as Android and PC). Search the Internet to find them, but be careful of downloading executable files from untrusted sources.

Only do this if you really know what you're doing.
Comments (15)
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Bad Piggies Request   Oct 10, 2022
I need to how to play Bad Piggies without going on a blocked site.
Abdullah   Feb 11, 2022
Field of dreams
Steven   Oct 25, 2021
can the field of dreams be free now?
Ian   Aug 29, 2021
it did't work
Nikolas   Feb 14, 2021
Please accept my request that i want put my hands on the feild of dreams!...
Anthony   Oct 27, 2020
Be nail
Rafid   Jun 19, 2020
Please accept my request that I need field of dreams
ST372   Dec 30, 2019
i just want to get my hands on that Field Of Dreams
Mr. Awesome   Jun 21, 2019
I can't find a progress.dat file on the internet, you should really have a link to take us to one.
Kay joel   Aug 22, 2018
Bad piggies unlocks field of dream
hayden   Apr 05, 2018
i just want to play the game but it wont let me
Mikyla Whitfield   May 06, 2017
julian really likes that
Luong Nguyen   Apr 04, 2017
i nerver got field of dreams before on my ipad
Vardan Bayanduryan   Mar 05, 2017
Milagros Ortega   Aug 27, 2016
putas de mierda