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Alternative Email App To Android 5.0 Lollipop Gmail With Combined Inbox
Nov 20, 2014MobileComments (1)
Update: Gmail now has a combined inbox. Just use the "All inboxes" button on the slide-in menu.

Android Gmail Combined Inbox

Continue reading on for some Gmail alternatives.

Google has done away with the stock email app in Android 5.0 Lollipop. You're now forced to use the new and improved Gmail. If you try to open the stock email app, you'll get this message:

"Email has moved. The Gmail app now lets you view all of your email accounts."

Android Lollipop Gmail 5 Replaces Stock Email

Combined Inbox
The new Gmail is a fine app, but it lacks a combined inbox. Being able to view all email accounts in one screen is crucial for those with multiple email accounts. The best solution, at least until Google updates Gmail with a combined inbox (if they ever do), is to get a good 3rd party email app.

Email Apps
I tried out several highly-rated email apps, but many of them had annoying interface features or felt cumbersome. One even had large iPhone-esque square tabs along the bottom. I wanted something with the simplicity of the stock email app, no ads, and a clean interface.

After going through close to a dozen email apps, I narrowed it down to two good email apps that I liked: MailWise and Outlook. They both work with all of the major email providers, have Exchange support, and have a unified (combined) inbox view.
Comments (1)
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Abby Benton   Nov 03, 2015
One of the key rewards of using Android is the good alternative apps options available in the Google Play Store. These apps practically become a necessity when users want some new and unique features. Though dozens of email apps are available, but as you said MailWise and Outlook brings the best clutter free experience. They both work well, however, I like Mailwise more due to its safety, security and easy setup feature. It eliminates the need of installing separate apps for different email providers and offers organized experience of emailing via the mobile phone. See its review here, it might fulfill your expectations!!!