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Why You Should Avoid "A Small Orange" Web and Domain Hosting
Oct 18, 2016   Web Development   Comments (2)
A Small Orange hosting was once the pinnacle of exceptional-quality web hosting. They had impeccable customer service and response times, great pricing and plans, and a wonderfully-designed website. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Here's why I now recommend avoiding A Small Orange, and what host you may want to consider instead.
Sep 4, 2016   Web Development   Comments (8)
One of the cool things about Amazon S3 (and most other cloud storage services) is that you can map your own domain or subdomain to your bucket using a CNAME, so it looks like resources are being served by your website. The downside is it doesn't work with HTTPS.
Sep 1, 2016   Web Development   Comments (1)
This is a guide with examples for setting up a simple redirect rule for your Amazon S3 bucket. This rule sends the user to a website and page of your choice when they access a resource that is not found or they do not have permission to access.
Aug 31, 2016   Web Development   Comments (5)
If you want to make all items in your Amazon S3 bucket viewable by anyone that has the URL, you need to add a Bucket Policy that gives "Allow" permission to all users for all resources in your bucket.
Nov 29, 2015   Web Development
If your VPS Linux Apache web server is randomly responding slowly to requests, especially many concurrent requests such as a page with many images on it, here is a possible solution that worked for my VPS.
Nov 24, 2015   Web Development   Comments (2)
Open Developer Tools in Chrome or Internet Explorer, or Inspector in Firefox (shortcut is F12 in all browsers), and find the Network tab. This is the tab that shows you all http requests made and will look a little different on each browser. It may not be populated until you refresh the page you're on or visit a site after having the window open.
Nov 17, 2015   Web Development
Here is a guide on how to install XSendFile onto your VPS web host. This does require that you have root access and can run commands over SSH.
Nov 17, 2015   Web Development   Comments (2)
Web hosts that run cPanel are usually configured by default to allow you easy access to your cPanel, WHM (Web Host Manager), and Webmail using simple URLs like:
Nov 17, 2015   Web Development
To restart Apache using SSH, run this command:
Nov 17, 2015   Web Development   Comments (1)
Run this command and cPanel will rebuild the Apache httpd.conf file:
Oct 28, 2015   Web Development
If your Magento product pages are displaying the word "No" for attributes in the Additional Information page, and you'd prefer that empty attributes simply be hidden on product pages for products that don't have them filled out, here is a simple fix that only requires adding one line of code.
Aug 7, 2015   Web Development
On Monday July 20th at 10AM, H3XED received 13,507 http requests over the course of about 6 minutes (38 per second) from IP, which is located in Israel. The user agent was Java/1.8.0_05 and they were mostly GET requests. They were looking for exploitable endpoints by running through a long list of URLs and checking for response codes. Here is a breakdown and analysis of the attack.
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