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How to Unmap an eBay Listing in M2E Pro for Magento 1.9.x
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When setting up M2E Pro, you can map 3rd party eBay listings to M2E Pro listings and Magneto products. But what if you want to unmap or "release" eBay listings so they're no longer managed by M2E Pro? Like asked in this M2E Pro suggestion. There's no built-in way, but you can do it with some database edits.

Database Backup

Since this requires direct database modifications, you'll want to make sure you have appropriate backups in place. I'm not going to cover that here. Please proceed with caution. I don't recommend doing this on a live production site.

Database Modifications

To proceed you'll need access to your MySQL database, either through PHPMyAdmin or SSH. That won't be covered here, but if you're unsure how to access your database then you probably shouldn't be attempting these modifications.

1. Get Product ID and SKU
First you'll want to make a note of the Magento product ID and SKU that you want to unmap. You can find these on the Catalog > Manage Products page if you don't have them. For the examples below I will be using 9999 and "MYSKU".

2. Affected MySQL Tables
The three MySQL tables to edit are m2epro_ebay_item, m2epro_ebay_listing_product, and m2epro_listing_product. Be sure to add in any database table prefix you may be using, and use them in the SQL commands below.

3. Double-Checking
Before deleting any rows, it's good to make sure they exist and look like what they're supposed to. Run each of these SQL commands:

SELECT * FROM `m2epro_ebay_item` WHERE `product_id` = 9999(One or more rows should be returned. One row for each active or previously-ended eBay listing for this product.)

SELECT * FROM `m2epro_ebay_listing_product` WHERE `online_sku` = "MYSKU"(Exactly one row should return.)

SELECT * FROM `m2epro_listing_product` WHERE `component_mode` = "ebay" AND `product_id` = 9999(Exactly one row should return.)

4. Deleting
To unmap the eBay listing from M2E Pro without affecting it on eBay, you simply need to delete the three rows that were returned above, by running these commands:

DELETE FROM `m2epro_ebay_item` WHERE `product_id` = 9999;
DELETE FROM `m2epro_ebay_listing_product` WHERE `online_sku` = "MYSKU";
DELETE FROM `m2epro_listing_product` WHERE `component_mode` = "ebay" AND `product_id` = 9999;

That should do it. Clear the cache and reindex just in case, though I'm not sure it's necessary.


If your newly unmapped listing isn't showing up in the 3rd party listings view, double-check these two things:

  • Make sure you have Import 3rd Party Listings set to "Yes" in the Account Configuration
  • It's possible the item isn't showing up because it doesn't have recent activity. Try going in to eBay and updating the listing directly. Edit something minor about it and save it. Then go in and Synchronize on M2E Pro, and check 3rd Party listings again.
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