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Yahoo has video ads that auto-play when you empty your spam folder or have an empty inbox or other folder. When they first introduced them you could disable them, but shortly afterwards Yahoo made them permanent. Here is an easy way to remove them completely using any standard ad blocker.
Nov 11, 2015   Web and Internet
I created a small script that keeps track of all new Reddit posts that are created and all posts that reach the front page over the last 8 months (default subreddits in the U.S.). I was able to create a couple interesting time and day-of-the-week heat maps from the data.
Nov 3, 2015   Web and Internet   Comments (2)
YouTube annotations are semi-transparent boxes of text that cover a video while you're watching it. They can be different colors and sizes, and can pop up or go away at any point during a video. Sometimes they are useful, but most of the time they aren't. YouTube gives you a way to turn them off on a per-video basis in video options, but not permanently or site-wide. Here is how you can achieve that using an ad blocker browser extension and a simple filter.
Aug 7, 2015   Web and Internet
Curious how many images and files Imgur hosts? Some public information is available in the Imgur AMA and Imgur wiki, but it doesn't contain information specifically on how many files Imgur has in its archives currently.
Aug 7, 2015   Web and Internet
Yahoo Mail sometimes uses inline advertisements that look similar to regular emails in your inbox. These are particularly obnoxious because they can't be deleted like a spam email and they sit there alongside your regular emails with a big, eye-catching thumbnail.
YouTube Audio Quality Bitrate Used For 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p
YouTube streams video and audio separately and the web player/app combines them on the fly. Due to this, the audio bitrate is not directly affected by video quality like in the past. Rather, YouTube can stream the video and audio it deems appropriate for a given device and connection. It can also adjust one during playback without affecting the other.

The audio you hear during a YouTube video will usually be 126 kbps AAC in an MP4 container or anywhere from 50-165 kbps Opus in a WebM container. Changing video resolution (360p, 720p, etc) in the video settings will probably not impact the audio stream, but it is likely that your connection performance will.
Jun 5, 2015   Web and Internet   Comments (2)
I created a simple image hosting website with speed and ease of use as the main goals. I felt that other image hosts are either too slow, have too many ads, or require too many steps to get to and upload images.
May 10, 2015   Web and Internet
Yahoo recently started displaying a large advertisement for their Chrome extension when you try to access your Yahoo Mail inbox (mail.yahoo.com). This advertisement covers the entire screen, and is shown when you first access Yahoo Mail and are using Chrome. If your browser clears cookies each session, you'll see it every time you access Yahoo Mail with a new browser session. This is beyond obnoxious:
Apr 10, 2015   Web and Internet   Comments (1)
When selling your items on eBay, whether used or new, it is a great idea to build a photo studio to take your pictures. It will improve the chances of your items selling, reduce questions, and you may even be able to get a little higher price for them.
I purchase a great deal of electronics, computer components, house goods, and yard supplies online. I am very price and review sensitive so I cross-shop everything. My purchases tend to be split fairly evenly between Amazon, eBay, and Newegg. I'm going to share my personal pros and cons for each marketplace, and hopefully it can help you with your buying decisions.
Jan 15, 2015   Web and Internet   Comments (1)
If you want to remove the browser control buttons from the context menu in Firefox, it's a very easy tweak that doesn't require any add-ons. You just need to add a few lines to the userChrome.css file for your Firefox profile.
Jan 8, 2015   Web and Internet
Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures showing you how to stop videos from auto-playing on the Facebook website. This is not applicable to the Facebook app, just facebook.com when accessed on a computer.
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