Average eBay Feedback Rating For Sellers
Dec 12, 2014Web and InternetComments (3)
Curious what the average feedback rating for a seller on eBay is? Maybe you want to see how your selling account stacks up. eBay doesn't post this information publicly, so I wrote a script that samples a large selection of random eBay sellers to find the average feedback rating and some other stats.

I sampled 10,000 unique sellers using a script that randomly finds eBay items and grabs the seller user ID (if not already grabbed from a previous item). Feedback is based on unique feedbacks received in the last 12 months:

  • Average rating among all sellers: 99.7% (99.6656%)
  • Average positives: 3,086
  • Average negatives: 18
  • Seller with most positives in sample: worldofbooks08 (497,072)
  • Seller with most negatives in sample: worldofbooks08 (5,829)
Comments (3)
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Chris Henderson   Feb 21, 2024
Please add an updated set of stats
DT Swans   Jan 26, 2017
This is interesting - you should make more of it. For a while now I've been wondering whether or not eBay DSRs may be losing their meaning, so your research is food for thought. I think millions of eBay buyers would want to know if DSRs aren't providing them with meaningful information.
Dave Lindbergh   May 19, 2016
The medians would be a lot more interesting.