How To Remove Yahoo Mail Themes Hover Button That Covers The Entire Screen

Dec 22, 2014   Web and Internet   Nick Vogt   Comments
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The current version of Yahoo Mail has a large 190 x 42 pixel button in the lower-left corner that shows the Themes window if you hover over it with the mouse.

Yahoo Themes Hover button

This Themes window covers the entire inbox, and often times you'll accidentally trigger it simply by moving the mouse away from your email so you can read it. It's annoying. You can thankfully remove that button entirely using any standard ad blocker, while still retaining the ability to change themes in the options cog.

Don't Have an Ad Blocker?

To block this from showing up, you'll need an ad blocker extension or plug-in for your browser. If you don't already have one, you can get one from your browser's extension/plug-in page. I recommend ┬ÁBlock Origin for either Chrome or Firefox. Any one that supports the AdBlock Plus filter syntax will work.

Creating The Custom Filter

Add the following filter to your ad blocker custom filter section:

This removes the large button element and makes it so hovering over that area does nothing.
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