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Mar 27, 2015   Web Development   Comments (1)
If you are receiving errors in SourceTree when trying to push or pull to BitBucket, and they read similar to either of these:
Jan 29, 2015   Web Development   Comments (6)
If you're experiencing a 504 Gateway Timout on your long PHP scripts, despite having lengthy execution times in php.ini, here are some things you should check.
Jan 29, 2015   Web Development
This assumes you're using a custom package/theme that is based on RWD or is using RWD as its parent. If not, you can learn more about doing so here.
Jan 14, 2015   Web Development   Comments (1)
If you receive this warning when starting MySQL (mysqld.exe) on Windows:
Jan 9, 2015   Web Development   Comments (8)
If your Magento store uses CloudFlare's free Flexible SSL to encrypt the visitor-to-CloudFlare connection, you may run into a redirect loop problem on any Magento page that forces https, such as log in, account, and checkout. You may also run into an issue where Magento serves http assets on https pages, causing the browser to block them.
Dec 30, 2014   Web Development
The <blink> HTML tag is an element that was introduced by Netscape in the 90's and caused text to blink continuously. It annoyed enough people that its functionality is now completely absent from modern browsers.
Dec 17, 2014   Web Development
Here is a list containing HTML special character codes and Windows shortcuts.
Nov 26, 2014   Web Development
It's almost 2015. Should you still test and make sure your new website functions properly all the way back to Internet Explorer 8? Or should you forgo older browsers and not care if your site is unusable on them?
Nov 13, 2014   Web Development
There are a number of different ways to detect if the user has an ad blocker. It can be useful information if you want to hide stray elements when ads are blocked, such as ad containers, or display a message to your users.
Nov 2, 2014   Web Development
This simple JSON minifier removes all line breaks, tabs, and any unnecessary spaces from your JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).
Oct 17, 2014   Web Development   Comments (10)
If you've added a Facebook Comments Plugins to your webpage but are not receiving Facebook notifications when new comments are posted, you may need to include a Facebook meta tag in your HTML.
Oct 10, 2014   Web Development   Comments (18)
The Facebook comments plugin is an easy-to-use comment system that you can put on nearly any webpage. It's main downside versus a self-hosted comment system is that it incurs a lot of http requests. This can cause your site to load slower and make it feel less responsive.
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