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Receive Notifications From Your Facebook Comments Plugin
Oct 17, 2014Web DevelopmentComments (10)
If you've added a Facebook Comments Plugins to your webpage but are not receiving Facebook notifications when new comments are posted, you may need to include a Facebook meta tag in your HTML.

This meta tag tells Facebook what app controls any plugins on the page:

<meta property="fb:app_id" content="YOUR_APP_ID">
Change YOUR_APP_ID to the app id that you want, and make sure your Facebook account is listed as an admin for that app.

Once done, any new comments in the plugin will notify you through your normal Facebook notifications, and you can access the comments admin from this page:
Comments (10)
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Hi Hu   Jun 30, 2017
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Steven Harddy   Apr 13, 2017
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Kasey Nav Phifer   Dec 12, 2016
My problem is that the notifications are bundled, so I cannot see them (they're all lumped together in Page updates).... and I'm using my FB acct. for too many things, so I might not see it if I'm away from FB for a week.... Any way I can McGeyver a solution like Google Alerts for the page, or Zapier sending email notifications?
Anna Arbuzova   Sep 26, 2016
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Ricardo Cardoso   Jul 14, 2016
Ricardo Cardoso
Amir Khalid   Jun 21, 2016
Hammad Ashfaq Amir Khalid
Anonymous   May 15, 2016
Vivek Kumar Srivastava   Feb 11, 2016
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Pradeep Aryal   Jan 09, 2016
good one
Pradeep Aryal   Jan 09, 2016
good info