Fix SourceTree and BitBucket Push/Pull Intermittent Errors

Mar 27, 2015   Web Development   Nick Vogt   Comments (1)
Please note that this post is over a year old and may contain outdated information.
If you are receiving errors in SourceTree when trying to push or pull to BitBucket, and they read similar to either of these:

Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to bitbucket.org:443
The remote end hung up unexpectedly
The cause may be an outdated version of Git. If you haven't done so recently, update Git by going to "Tools > Options" in SourceTree, clicking the "Git" tab, then clicking the "Update Embedded Git" button towards the bottom. It will take a few seconds or longer to download and install the latest version of Git.

This certainly won't fix all push/pull errors, but it's a good place to start.
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Comments (1)

Habib Bellia   Oct 27, 2015
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