Basic Minecraft Server Commands
Aug 3, 2012PC GamingComments (29)
Here is a list of basic Minecraft server commands that you should know to operate a Minecraft server. For a more complete list, see the Minecraft Wiki.

You can enter these commands directly into the server command prompt window or proceed them with a slash (/) in the chat window in-game (as long as you have operator permission).

ban <player-name>Bans the indicated player and adds their name to "banned-players.txt"
ban-ip <ip-address>Bans the indicated player's IP address and adds it to "banned-ips.txt"
deop <player-name>Removes the indicated player from "ops.txt" if present
kick <player-name>Kicks the indicated player (they can rejoin)
op <player-name>Gives the indicated player operator permission by adding name to "ops.txt"
pardon <player-name>Removes the indicated player's name from "banned-players.txt" if present
pardon-ip <ip-address>Removes the indicated IP address from "banned-ips.txt" if present
save-allSaves the world
sayBroadcasts a message to all players on the server
stopSaves the world and shuts down the server
tp <player-name> Teleports one player to another player's location
Comments (29)
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Soham   Aug 29, 2021
how can I change gamemode
se   Aug 10, 2020
josh   Aug 04, 2020
past master   Jul 02, 2020
my friend joind and got kicked from the server i started automaticly and in cmd of the server said <my friends name>was kicked for floating so long what i gotta do
Some man   Jun 30, 2020
How i change the server address my
noah   May 19, 2020
how do i put mods on my server
james meil A. Managaytay   May 08, 2020
Minecraft saver port and ip adress
11   Apr 08, 2020
my server will not start again , after i stopped it
Yeet   Mar 12, 2020
What does "legacy=false" mean. Whenever I try to log in it says server authentication down and in the server file it says "legacy=false " when I try to log in. Can someone help me
DarkK   Jan 14, 2020
umm, i accidentally forgot to type /stop when i closed it and looked in some files and it said that it was locked and whaen i try to access ittt again it says io netty something 1 and a half days later ohh it works again , comment if this has happened to you too thnx bye
VladV78   Dec 04, 2019
To Start your Server again just open the server.jar File
sylnrybiu   Nov 30, 2019
vex press /
Kalvin   Nov 14, 2019
This is a sad forum, 18 comments!
Been3   Oct 16, 2019
How do you start your server after it is stopped
Boi you need some milk   Oct 13, 2019
What are the easiest ways you can die in mincraft
ItsMooseton319   Oct 09, 2019
Blaz2000 i'm guessing that you open the save file that the STOP command creates
Blaz2000   Aug 23, 2019
how can i start my server again if i did in command stop?
EFletxa   Aug 21, 2019
I knew the commands 'cause i've ran a server but im sure its helpfull
Assasingaming111   Jul 14, 2019
Good advice but I am the one that runs LifeBoat and Hypixle so I know all of this commands so yea
vex   Jul 07, 2019
how do you run the command stop it where do i type it cos i cant do it in game
caleb   Jun 12, 2019
it is a good game
sam   Feb 16, 2019
All that the server is doing is it is hosting a world. just look inside the folder you used and put in a different world inside the world folder.
flynyrdskynyrd   Nov 27, 2018
How do you change your seed and name of server?
dragonchomper   Jul 28, 2018
if it is in your house, type ipconfig in command prompt and the ipv4 address in command prompt is what you are gonna want to type in minecraft.
minecrafter_69   May 26, 2018
what is the ip address that other friends need to use to join the server?
dank   Jan 03, 2018
type to join your own server on your pc
junior2006   Dec 28, 2017
coopm510   Nov 26, 2017
how do i join my server
hih   Nov 02, 2017