How to Assign Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CS5

Feb 8, 2012   Windows   Nick Vogt   Comments (1)
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Want to change a keyboard shortcut for something in Photoshop? Annoyed that Brightness/Contrast doesn't have a keyboard shortcut by default? It is easy to assign a keyboard shortcut in Photoshop, just be wary that most keyboard shortcuts are already in use, so chances are you'll have to remove a shortcut from something else first. There's plenty of things you probably don't use (like shortcuts to specific Filters), so that shouldn't be a problem.

Photoshop provides a robust menu for changing keyboard shortcuts, which is accessible in the Edit menu:

You can also use the default keyboard shortcut Alt-Shift-Ctrl-K to access the keyboard shortcuts menu. That is a keyboard shortcut you probably don't need right there, unless you intend to be changing shortcuts often.

The keyboard shortcuts menu is pretty self-explanatory. The menus are listed as they appear in the top of the screen, and you can arrow through them and assign new shortcuts as needed:

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Comments (1)

Nishika Herath   Sep 14, 2017
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