Chrome Storing Login Even With Delete Local Data Setting Checked

Nov 16, 2014   Web and Internet   Nick Vogt   Comments
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Lately, Chrome has been saving my session logins even though I have Keep local data only until you quit your browser checked in the settings. I've noticed this on Google sites, where I'm still logged in even after exiting, and on Facebook, where it remembers my email address.

This is either a bug in Chrome 38, or these websites switched to using local storage instead of just cookies. Local storage allows websites to store data locally to your computer, which avoids being deleted by Chrome on exit.

In response to this, I updated the Auto History Wipe Chrome extension with options to delete all other browsing data, including website data (which includes local storage):

Chrome Extension Auto History Wipe Options

The other solution is of course to use Incognito mode, but it's nice to have history functionality while browsing.

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