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Automatically Delete/Clear The Browsing History In Chrome
Oct 30, 2014Web and InternetComments (12)
At the time of writing, Chrome does not have an option to automatically delete the history on close, like it does with cookies. You can use Incognito mode, but then you don't have any history during that session, which can make browsing inconvenient.

I created an extremely lightweight extension that takes care of wiping the browsing history automatically, so you can browse using a normal Chrome window while keeping the history clear with each new session.

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How it Works

Extensions are not able to run after Chrome exits without requiring the 'background' permission, which allows them to run even when Chrome is closed. In order to delete the browsing history automatically, without requiring background permission, this extension runs immediately every time Chrome starts. I chose to do it this way instead of running in the background so that it uses fewer resources and doesn't keep Chrome running.

Additional Options

As of version 1.1.0, the extension now has several other data points it can wipe clean automatically, which can be configured on the Options page.
Comments (12)
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Supreme   Mar 19, 2022
is this available for edge??
Richard Stallman   May 21, 2021
Since you're not working on this anymore could you publish the source code? Unfortunately there are only two Chrome extensions that do this and both are closed-source
Acer   Sep 27, 2020
This add-on works, but does not remove everything - CCleaner found more files for deleting.
Nick   Oct 27, 2019
I recommend switching to Firefox, which has always had this functionality built in. Unfortunately, I stopped developing the plugins for Chrome.
jules   Oct 26, 2019
this extension no longer works
jIM.   Jul 31, 2019
i know you stated you are no longer involved with this addon but could you tell me where to find a developer for both Chrome-FireFox for plugin development ? Someone reliable not just anyone or where i can find one ?
Nick   Dec 28, 2018
Unfortunately I have stopped updating this extension due to lack of time. I highly recommend getting Firefox as you can configure the same functionality without any extensions, and it has even better functionality in this regard that Chrome isn't capable of.
dennis long   Dec 28, 2018
Hi, if I have a home page and have it set to clear everything a lot of the time my home page won't load. I would email you but can't find a email address. Please fix.
Stone T   Sep 05, 2018
Well - does not clear the 'Recently closed' list ..... not usable then I'm afraid :(
Tasslehoff Burrfoot   Aug 21, 2018
Hi! Thanks for you extension, it works pretty well! I wanna make a suggestion, can you add a cookie domain whitelist? I think it will be very useful, with that it will be simply perfect! Great work! Tas
VanguardLH   Apr 28, 2018
This extension MUST suspend the document (web page) load until AFTER it has performed its cleanup operations. Not a problem if the web browser is loaded to a blank page. If a home page or a URL is specified (e.g., clicking on a hyperlink in an e-mail), this extension interferes with loading the document: problems regarding its cookies, logins may fail, scripting is corrupted, or the page does not render properly due to interruption during the cleanup. This extension must suspend a non-blank document download until after it has completed all of its cleanup operations. Too often this extension interferes with a document on first loading the web browser, so it was uninstalled. Good idea but needs critical improvement.
Mohammad Reza Rohani   Dec 23, 2016
your extension is awesome, thank you