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Turn-Based Strategy Hexagon Risk-Like JavaScript Canvas Game
Apr 4, 2014PC GamingComments (3)
I have never made a turn-based or hexagon-based game before, so I decided to try it out. Using rules similar to Risk, four players compete for dominance of the game board. When the game starts, you can choose how many of the players will be under human control. The rest are controlled by the AI. You can select 0 humans if you want to just watch the AI play itself.

You can play it below, or open it in a new window by clicking here (recommended for mobile). It requires a modern browser to play. If you're on Android Chrome, you can select "Add to homescreen" to play it in full screen without a browser interface.

Comments (3)
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Nick Vogt   Dec 13, 2015
You can view the JavaScript source and then use a JavaScript "beautifier" to make it legible. I don't have the original source code available online, but that should be close to the same thing.
Dave Mackey   Dec 11, 2015
Any chance you'd be willing to share the source code? I'd love to make something similar...but finding examples / tutorials for turn based games is difficult!
Brock Alexander Ellis   Apr 30, 2014
Did you use any particular framework for this game?