Terraria Floating Brick Fortress with Traps

Jan 12, 2015   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments (2)
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Here is a fortress house built in Terraria. It is able to house 18 NPCs and is well-protected from most hazardous events.

Terraria Floating Brick House with Traps

  • Floats above ground to prevent access by most mobs.
  • Spiky ball, flame, and spear traps connected to a switch.
  • Built from incorruptible gray brick.
  • Able to house 18 NPCs with quick access to all through central shaft.
  • Outer layer "buffer zone" to better protect NPCs.
  • Six protected access points.
  • Mine shaft rope access to underworld hell.
  • Heart lantern and campfire buff in range.
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Comments (2)

Terrarianoob   Jun 09, 2019
How do the NPCs get into the building? Were ropes there originally for them to climb up and move into?
GameBreaker504   May 15, 2019
Nice build, world file download?
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