StarCraft 2 Planetary Fortress 4:13 Rush Build Order and Timing

Feb 6, 2015   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments
Please note that this post is over a year old and may contain outdated information.
This build order is an all-in Planetary Fortress rush that wastes absolutely no resources or time. If done right, your Planetary Fortress will be finished and blasting away at your enemy's base on Scrap Station at 4:13 or Desert Waste at 4:26.

Build Order

  • 7/11 Refinery
  • 11/11 Engineering Bay

Timings & Details

  • Build one SCV at the start, then build a Refinery next (the Command Center will idle for a brief period). After the Refinery, build SCVs until supply cap.
  • Put two extra SCVs on gas as soon as the Refinery is done.
  • Start the Engineering Bay when you have about 210 to 250 minerals and put it in an obscure location. Queue that SCV to the enemy base when done.
  • When you get to 130 gas, grab your mineral SCVs and load as many as will fit into your Command Center.
  • As soon as you hit 150 gas, lift your Command Center off and move it, along with any SCVs remaining, to the enemy base.
  • Land your Command Center close enough to hit your opponent's Nexus/Command Center or worker line, but don't get too greedy.
  • Use all of your SCVs to harass your opponent. Ideally you want your SCVs to show up before your Command Center comes into view, to distract your opponent from noticing it for a few seconds.
  • As your Command Center is landing, mash the D and P keys to get the SCVs unloaded and Planetary Fortress building as quickly as possible.
  • Have the 5 SCVs that came in the Command Center join your other SCVs to harass your opponent. If you have any leftover minerals, you can use them to repair the Command Center, or repair each other. Right-click Repair to Auto-Repair and your SCVs will fix each other quickly.

Will it Work?

This is a very cheesy build that will work well against an unskilled Protoss or Terran player. Against a skilled Terran it won't work, as they will move their Command Center, Barracks, and SCVs to the expansion. Against a skilled Protoss it might have a chance, depending on how well they scout. It will not work against Zerg.
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