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Skyrim PC Graphics Settings Screenshot Comparison
Nov 20, 2011PC GamingComments (1)
Here is a table of the PC version of Skyrim's Low, Medium, High, and Ultra quality presets that you can select in the Skyrim launcher. At the bottom are screenshots showing each setting, with both an indoor and an outdoor environment comparison.

To easily compare the screenshots, download this zip file (5,236kB) containing the screenshots in organized folders. Use the next and previous buttons of your image viewer to move between quality levels and easily see the difference. Another easy way is to open each screenshot in its own tab in your browser, and then cycle through them.

Anisotropic FilteringOffOff816
Texture QualityMediumHighHighHigh
Radial Blur QualityLowLowMediumHigh
Shadow DetailLowMediumHighUltra
Decal QualityNoneMediumHighUltra
Reflect LandOnOnOn
Reflect ObjectsOnOn
Reflect TreesOnOn
Reflect SkyOnOn
View Distance
Object Fade22715
Light Fade2102535
Actor Fade23615
Item Fade13415
Grass Fade0357
Distant Object DetailLowMediumHighUltra
Specularity Fade251020
Object Detail FadeOnOn
Screenshot Comparisons
City Scene
Outdoor Scene
Comments (1)
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cubediablo   Aug 19, 2012
Low sieht gar nicht so schlecht aus, wie ich dachte.