Side-Scrolling Platformer JavaScript Canvas Game

Feb 16, 2014   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments (3)
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My second game built in JavaScript Canvas (HTML5). It's a side-scroller with building elements and destructible terrain. Like a super-simple Terraria. It features:

  • Randomly generated level with underground caves and lakes
  • Fully-destructible terrain
  • Flowing water
  • Dynamic and local lighting
  • Day/night cycle with night-spawning enemies
  • Buildable terrain blocks, including platforms
  • Different weapons, including explosive weapons that destroy terrain

You can play it below, or open it in a new window by clicking here (can prevent some text highlighting issues and issues with the mouse scroll). It requires a modern browser to play and generally runs the fastest in Chrome.

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Comments (3)

Hex   Oct 31, 2019
Is this available on Github? I would like to expand upon this.
Trix   Jan 31, 2019
I would love to ask you about how you created your random level generator function.
Geoffrey Hale   Jun 20, 2018
I absolutely love this! Great work!
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