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Rage Unplayable on PC?
Oct 6, 2011PC GamingComments (2)
I just installed Rage and everything went smoothly. Fired up the campaign mode, watched the pretty intro movie, and then proceeded to get severe stuttering at the onset of the first level. It was completely unplayable for the few minutes I attempted to play it. Since I have an AMD/ATI video card (HD 6850), I decided to give the patch AMD just released specifically for Rage a try: AMD Catalyst - Rage Performance Driver.

After removing my old driver and installing the new one, I fired up Rage and was met with even worse stuttering, at something less than 1 frame per second, including worse audio stuttering than before.

I've decided to wait on the game for now until the issues are sorted. A graphics settings patch is coming soon for PC anyway. I've already looked into some of the configuration options via .cfg files and it looks promising. I'll post up a quick guide for that once I can actually play the game.

Update: On the bright side, Alt-F4 quits the game immediately.
Comments (2)
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bobhumplick   Jan 05, 2019
amd has had problems with opengl games for a while now. also the game can use the gpu for decoding tecutres but only on nvidia cards. turn off gpu accelerated textures. the id5teaker can be downloaded and give you the optiosn to tune the game. new amd drivers support opengl much better
Nabeel Rehan   Nov 13, 2016
Don`t know what is causing that stutter for u but RAGE runs fine for me on my Geforce 210 512mb 40 fps 800x600 anisotropic filtering high and rest of high but give me fps b\w 20 30 on 1440x900 res.........maybe its your CPU not GPU.Try to turn low texture detail because that option requires at least 4 cores cpu.I myself got core 2 duo e7500 and play with texture detail low and it runs amazing....................Hope this helps U.........Bye Bye