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Minecraft Fort/Castle
Mar 22, 2011PC GamingComments (14)

This build is a 2-floor structure and has a usable basement and roof. The 1st floor has red wool "carpet", while the 2nd floor contains two rooms. The basement contains a "safe room" with an obsidian chamber housing a chest that has important stuff in it. It is still under construction partially.

World Download:

Comments (14)
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BRROWNBEAR   Feb 06, 2021
do you have the sechematics at least I like the look but I just need numbers.
SAMO ALI   Aug 27, 2019
Nick   Feb 24, 2019
I wish I could offer the download. Unfortunately, since this was made in a really old version, current Minecraft doesn't open it. :( I'm not sure which version it was from.
Toast   Feb 24, 2019
Finally I have found the original! Over the course of probably three years I have attempted to recreate this world in survival with only on successful attempt! I love just the basic style with the beautify graphics.
Kyle   Jan 11, 2018
Nice I built it by looking at the picture really good build!
Craig Mackay   Apr 11, 2013
do a tutorial on youtube ?
Anonymous   Oct 05, 2012
Can you please add a download link!
Michael Stigall   Sep 30, 2012
Andrew Zukowski   May 28, 2012
Brah, holy shit.
Filip Matouek   May 10, 2012
Amazing :D
Myles Young   Apr 24, 2012
this is soooooooo cool
Larissa Conley   Mar 07, 2012
Hope you don't mind! I saved your pic and copies the outline of this castle. It's an exact replica! Love this :)
Mats Hodneland   Feb 20, 2012
Dzhoel Drake   Jan 21, 2012
Can you please add a download link! i friggen want it! :D