Kerbal Space Program - Full Eve Return Mission with 3 Kerbals & Rover - Career Stock 1.2.2

Feb 11, 2017   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments (1)
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Landing and returning from Eve is one of the hardest missions in Kerbal Space Program. Eve has higher surface gravity and a thicker atmosphere than Kerbin, but no oxygen for jet engines.

In the below video I send three Kerbals and a rover to the surface of Eve and bring them back. The video is heavily sped up as the full mission took well over an hour in real time to complete.

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Comments (1)

David Franco   Mar 05, 2017
Man, this was great! Congratulations... i'm over a month now trying to build a Eve launcher with vector + spike engines (not successful so far), but I thought I would not be able to lauch with such a big craft due to its weight... thanks for your post, i'm now excited to rethink my plan!
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