How to Adjust FOV in Skyrim PC

Nov 19, 2011   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments
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You can adjust the field of view in-game by bringing up the developer console (press tilde "~") and typing in fov XX, where XX is the desired numerical value. Try values ranging from 80 to 110 to see what works best for you. Skyrim appears to save the FOV setting in the save file. Once you change it using the developer console and save the game, it should "stick" for that save file and any created after it.

If you type in fov without a number, it will set the FOV to 75. The starting FOV is 65 (thanks for catching that, Gen), so I'm not sure where the 75 comes from. Perhaps they changed the default partway through development.

Note that occasionally events in-game will revert your FOV to the default, such as sometimes when using the skills screen. If this happens, just bring the developer console up and re-enter your FOV.

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