Crysis 2 Demo FOV & Motion Blur Fix

Mar 2, 2011   PC Gaming   Nick Vogt   Comments
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Changing the field of view (FOV) and motion blur settings should be the first things you do before playing the new Crysis 2 demo. It can literally make or break the experience. Despite Crytek leaving out any sort of advanced graphics options, it is actually quite easy to change these settings using a shortcut.

See full game version fix here.

If you don't already have a shortcut to the Crysis 2 demo, create one now. The game exe resides in the bin folder. Once you have a shortcut, open its properties, and in the target field add this at the end of the contents (with a space after the last quotation mark already there):

+cl_fov 85 +pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov 85 +r_MotionBlur 0
You can adjust the two fov settings to your taste. Be sure to keep them the same as each other though. If you want to make some additional tweaks, I highly recommend adjusting the mouse smoothing and disabling those annoying intro movies. To do all of these tweaks in one line, use this:

+cl_fov 85 +pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov 85 +r_MotionBlur 0 +g_skipIntro 1 +i_mouse_smooth 0
Credit to this poster for finding the tweaks. Look over at that link for instructions on downloading a tool that will take care of these adjustments for you.

Demo Impressions

Read on for impressions from a Crysis 1 fan and PC gamer.

When I first fired up the game and started playing, I was irritated at a number of things. The "Click start to begin" (now fixed), the server browser not showing pings, and most of all the narrow FOV and heavy use of motion blur. My first impression was not a good one, but after getting the issues fixed things became a lot more fun.

Crysis 2 multiplayer, from the levels I've seen so far, is much more fast-paced and close-quarters than the previous Crysis multiplayer. It is more Call of Duty and less Battlefield than Crysis 1 multiplayer, though the harbor level seems to strike a good balance between the two. This will put off some gamers, but I'm willing to bet it will attract far more, especially those console kids used to playing Call of Duty. I personally love Call of Duty 4, so I found the gameplay to be a good mix.

The suit usage is very different and works better for this type of fast-action gameplay. You now have two hotkeys for your suit, one for armor and one for stealth. Activating either of these drains energy and gives you bonus armor or bonus stealth. Hitting the hotkey again deactivates it. When neither is activated, energy regenerates. Sprinting or power jumping also drains energy. I found the jump key to be very touchy in terms of whether you perform a regular or power jump.

Overall, I am still wary of the consolitis that Crysis 2 might carry, but my first impressions of the multiplayer are very positive. Time will tell how it plays out with the console crowd. I have more than one console-only friend excited about the game. I am mostly concerned about compromises to the game caused by it being cross-platform. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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