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How to Connect a USB Drive to an Android Phone or Tablet
Apr 24, 2015MobileComments (1)
Most Android devices allow you to connect a USB drive, or other various USB devices, even if they don't have a USB port. The capability comes from a USB OTG (on-the-go) host adapter that plugs into the micro USB port on the Android device and has a full-size USB receptacle.


There are many different types of OTG adapters. Some have cables and some are smaller than a USB drive. I personally like this one, which is shaped like a little Android:

Android-shaped USB OTG adapater
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The head of the Android protects the micro USB port when not in use.

Software Required

Some phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S series, will have the ability to detect the contents of the USB drive right away. Other phones, like the Nexus line, require an OTG USB File Manager app from the Play Store.

Other USB Devices

You're not limited to just USB drives. You can also plug in controllers, mice, and other USB devices into the adapter.
Comments (1)
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Nurse   Jan 29, 2019
USB is disconnected, can u connect for me please