How To Get The 2160p (4K) YouTube Quality Option For Your Video

by Nick Vogt - Oct 20, 2014 - If you upload a video that has a resolution of 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high, YouTube will display the 2160p quality option in the settings (cog) for your video.

How To Export Video At 3840x2160 (4K 2160p) In Adobe Premiere

by Nick Vogt - Oct 20, 2014 - Here are the steps needed to export 2160p (4K) videos using Adobe Premiere. These instructions are from CS5.5 but should be usable for other versions as well.

Receive Notifications From Your Facebook Comments Plugin

by Nick Vogt - Oct 17, 2014 - If you've added a Facebook Comments Plugins to your webpage but are not receiving Facebook notifications when new comments are posted, you may need to include a Facebook meta tag in your HTML.

YouTube Recommended Video Resolutions For Quality And Search Optimization

by Nick Vogt - Oct 15, 2014 - YouTube will accept and properly handle most resolutions and formats, but if you want the best quality, sharpest picture, and no cropping, be sure to create your video in one of these resolutions:

How To Lazy Load The Facebook Comments Plugin Using JavaScript

by Nick Vogt - Oct 10, 2014 - The Facebook comments plugin is an easy-to-use comment system that you can put on nearly any webpage. It's main downside versus a self-hosted comment system is that it incurs a lot of http requests. This can cause your site to load slower and make it feel less responsive.

How YouTube Determines What Video Quality To Play

by Nick Vogt - Oct 6, 2014 - YouTube has two different players that it uses to play videos. One player is made with HTML5, while the other is made with Flash. They look very similar, but the video quality they default to is very different.
How To Link To And Embed YouTube Videos In HD Or A Specific Quality Level

How To Link To And Embed YouTube Videos In HD Or A Specific Quality Level

by Nick Vogt - Oct 2, 2014 - This post has been revised as YouTube has made changes to their platform. YouTube discontinued past methods for linking to and embedding videos in HD. Here is the latest method that still works.

How To Make CSS Play & Pause Icons With A Single DIV

by Nick Vogt - Oct 1, 2014 - Using CSS borders, you can create play and pause icons with full browser compatibility, no images, and no extra http requests. Each one uses just one <div> and simple CSS.
How To Edit Bad Piggies Levels & Get A Larger Building Grid (Editing The Source Code)

How To Edit Bad Piggies Levels & Get A Larger Building Grid (Editing The Source Code)

by Nick Vogt - Sep 25, 2014 - This is a lengthy and technical post about editing the Bad Piggies application code in order to edit levels, enlarge the building grid, and make other tweaks to the gameplay. This covers the Windows and Android versions only, but the process will be similar for Mac and iOS if you can get access to the game application files.

Outlook.com vs Yahoo Mail vs Gmail - Reliability, Downtime, And Problems

by Nick Vogt - Sep 24, 2014 - Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook (a.k.a. Hotmail or Live Mail) are the three most popular web email platforms. Here is a compilation of the available problem report data to help figure out which one is the most reliable.

Simple & Safe JavaScript Minifier

by Nick Vogt - Sep 22, 2014 - This JavaScript minifier removes all line breaks, tabs, comments, trailing semi-colons, and any unnecessary spaces. It performs no sorting or compressing, so it won't have any impact on how your JavaScript executes.

How To Disable Link Preview in Yahoo Mail

by Nick Vogt - Sep 17, 2014 - When entering a URL, web address, or link into Yahoo Mail, you will notice that it auto-generates a large box showing the content of your link, similar to how Facebook does for link posts.
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