YouTube Recommended Video Resolutions For Quality And Search Optimization

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YouTube will accept and properly handle most resolutions and formats, but if you want the best quality, sharpest picture, and no cropping, be sure to create your video in one of these resolutions:


YouTube will create the lower-resolution versions of your video automatically, so always upload the highest resolution that you can.

All of these resolutions are in the aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen. Do not record or create vertical, square, 4:3, or 16:10 video, as it will have black bars on the sides when uploaded to YouTube.

Search Optimization

You should always create video in 720p or higher. Doing so will give your videos a small HD badge in search results. Users can also filter YouTube searches to only show HD videos.

I recommend only creating content in 1080p or higher. Many phones and most TV/monitor displays have a 1080p native resolution, which will allow your video to play without downsizing.
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Comments (7)

Cactus   May 23, 2018
it still has back bars when i use the aspect ratio 16:9
Nef | yt   Mar 09, 2018
what bit rate should i use? like i use 1920x1080 24p for videos but program also offers 30p but on youtube that makes the video choppy asf
Your Father   Feb 25, 2018
Its not working
Rafi   Feb 21, 2018
Thanks. Useful info.
www.justletmetravel.com   Feb 06, 2018
Thank You
RS   Jan 14, 2018
Thank you, helpful info.
Jun   Oct 23, 2017
Thank you! It's helpful.
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