The Most Annoying Things about Facebook Games

Apr 16, 2010   Web and Internet   Nick Vogt   Comments
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In an effort to monetize Facebook games beyond advertisements, most all big games offer some way to pay real money to gain in-game currency or items. The annoying part is that many games, including FarmVille (the most popular Facebook game with over 80 million active users), make it nearly impossible to get a lot of the game content without resorting to real money.

Share With Your Friends
In some games, completing the most minor challenge or event will prompt you to share it with your friends, which then spams your friends' news feeds (unless they have blocked that game, which most probably have). This is downright annoying for both the game player and his or her friends. You purchased a dagger in Sword Battle!? Oh wow that's awesome!

Daily Prizes
In an effort to get users to play their games more often, developers add in daily prizes that pop up when you log in and haven't been logged in for a given period of time. Games should sell themselves and not require constant "You've won the daily raffle!" messages to keep users playing.

They're everywhere. Almost certainly there will be a banner ad above or below the game, and often times they're incorporated into the game (Flash or otherwise) itself. Game developers want to earn money, but a lot of games need to tone down the advertisements. Too much is too much.

Add to Your Profile
In case you want to add a box containing your character to your Facebook profile, there is almost certainly an option to do so in about every game.

Become a Fan
As if being a game user wasn't enough, every other game will now solicit you to become a "fan" of the game, and often times offer you (yet another) reward for doing so.

Flashing Icons/Buttons
No, it's not really that important.

Not Being Able to "Play" The Games
The end result of these annoyances is that inevitably you spend more time clicking buttons than actually playing a game, and are constantly interrupted by requests and boxes.
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