Simple YouTube Video Downloader

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To download, please use this web-based tool in the Stream Maps section.
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RedSnt   Nov 06, 2018
I don't know javascript so this took some time to make, but here is a bookmarklet to open the tool in a new tab and when you press it again it inputs the youtube address into the input field and submits: javascript:(function(){var lC=document.location.href;function gL(){lC=encodeURIComponent(lC);window.open('https://www.h3xed.com/blogmedia/youtube-info.php?lC='+lC,'_blank');}function gMU(n,s){n=n.replace(/[\[]/,"\\[").replace(/[\]]/,"\\]");var p=(new RegExp("[\\?&]"+n+"=([^&#]*)")).exec(s);return (p===null) ? "" : p[1];}function iD() {var mS=document.location.href;lC=gMU('lC',mS);lC=decodeURIComponent(lC);var d;d=document.f;d.ytdurl.value=lC;d.submit();}if (document.title!="YouTube Info"){gL();}else{iD();}})(); Replace '_blank' with '_self' if you'd like it done in current tab.
Zcooger   Dec 03, 2017
Yes, can you share the script? Is is Youtube-dl based tool?
Patrick L.   Oct 12, 2017
Dear Nick, could you kindly release the source code of the script(s) used in your web-based YouTube Downloader tool? (As an aspiring web developer, it would greatly help me.) Good day and thank you.
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