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Reddit Front Page Post Time and Day Heat Map
Nov 11, 2015Web and InternetComments (0)
I created a small script that keeps track of all new Reddit posts that are created and all posts that reach the front page over the last 8 months (default subreddits in the U.S.). I was able to create a couple interesting time and day-of-the-week heat maps from the data.

Times are in Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8). Each chart lists the hour range that the post was originally created in and on what day of the week.

Reddit Post Heat Map All

Reddit Post Heat Map Front

There is a very clear trend here. While most posts are created around midday in the US, most that reach the front page are posted prior to that in the early morning, from about 4am to 8am Pacific Time (7am to 11am Eastern Time). I recommend opening each chart above in its own browser tab, and switching between them to see the contrast.

This data would seem to indicate that if you create a Reddit post from about 4am to 8am Pacific Time, you are more likely to have it reach the front page than if you posted at any other time of the day. At least in the default U.S. subreddits. This data doesn't take into account the length of time a post is on the front page, which could ultimately affect its audience reach.
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