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How To Remove Yahoo's Empty Inbox Folder Video Ads
Apr 8, 2016Web and InternetComments (46)
Yahoo has video ads that auto-play when you empty your spam folder or have an empty inbox or other folder. When they first introduced them you could disable them, but shortly afterwards Yahoo made them permanent. Here is an easy way to remove them completely using any standard ad blocker.

uBlock Origin

To block these video ads from showing up, you'll need the uBlock Origin browser extension for either Chrome or Firefox. This extension has the ability to block 3rd party iframes, which is what is required here. Normal element filtering or source blocking won't work, since Yahoo changes the names of their source and elements dynamically with each page load.

Advanced Mode & Dynamic Filtering Pane

First, follow this guide to learn how to enabled Advanced Mode and view the Dynamic Filtering Pane. Then, follow this guide to learn how to disable 3rd-party frames (iframes) permanently across all sites.

This is what your dynamic filtering pane should look like when you're done. Don't forget to hit the lock button to make the changes permanent.

uBlock Disable 3rd Party frames


You may have to occasionally "unbreak" a website if its functionality relies on a 3rd party iframe. This should be very uncommon.


The previous version of Yahoo Mail has video ads that could be blocked with this simple filter:
Unfortunately, that no longer works with the current version.
Comments (46)
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California   Jun 09, 2020
uBlock Origin does not block the ads by default but right click on one of the thumbnails of the videos below the currently playing and select "Block element." A box will appear in the lower-right with a bunch of stuff. Click [Pick] to add the new blocking rule. Yahoo is now also putting ads at the top of the views that contain mail. You can also block those by right clicking, block element, and pick as you did with the videos. I think if enough people block an element that uBlock Origin learns the rule well enough that it gets included with uBlock Origin's default rules.
AlexD   Apr 14, 2020
Best way to circumvent that: leave an email you send to yourself in the folder with a subject such as "dont delete to prevent yahoo videos". Done with no fuss, no extra cr@p, no extra work.
Stephen Kosciesza   Oct 05, 2018
What gets me is, with all the complaining about them, Yahoo say "unfortunately, there's no way to remove them," meaning they're too arrogant to care. Half of them are politically charged, with Big Brother Yahoo's message for us sheep. There is a way to remove them; Yahoo put them there, they can take them away. So their statement is basically a lie. They've decided we need to see them, so they "can't"--meaning "won't"--take them away.
Mr. Hates Videos In Mail   Oct 09, 2017
Bout a week ago, Yahoo changed something -- again. The videos don't actually play, they just sit there with a black screen, trying to load. You do see a thumbnail below that, however. Anyway, I wonder how long it will take the clever cat (folks who figure out how to block the damn things!) to figure out how to completely get rid of the mouse again?
Paszka Eduard   Sep 03, 2017
I just use adblockplus i click block element and hover with the mouse over the things i don't want to see and click. My inbox now looks like a pro version. No ads no videos not even that sidebar the cuts out my screen with 3 inches
Dave Lennon-Copeland   Jul 02, 2017
Nick Vogt I re-installed all my Ad blockers and still get the Yahoo Mail videos, so what ever you updated don't work!!
Clinton Jenkins   Jun 29, 2017
Nick Vogt Tried it, but not working.
Nick Vogt   Jun 28, 2017
I just updated it with a new filter that should work now. The new Yahoo layout required a new filter.
Nick Vogt   Jun 28, 2017
I just updated it with a new filter that should work now. The new Yahoo layout required a new filter.
Clinton Jenkins   Jun 28, 2017
It seems to have stopped working when Yahoo updated its mail interface. Anyone found a new solution?
Dave Lennon-Copeland   May 07, 2017
Does not work for me. I have AdBlock, AdBlock Pro, uBlock Origin, I entered the given line in the filter section of each adblocker, but still get the videos on my inbox!!
Lo Wang   Mar 28, 2017
thank you very, very much, sir.
Mila Grosa   Feb 26, 2017
Jackpot. Thank you so much.
Nina Woods   Feb 23, 2017
Great was easy to enable. Thanks
Kang Tri   Dec 18, 2016
Like a charm,... thank you,..
Ken Myers   Oct 24, 2016
I hate that yenta CEO Jewhoo... I mean Yahoo & the thousands of Hindoos, Chinese, & others who manipulate their work/study visas, also the people she hires who can't write English properly. I have AdBlock but those damn videos show up anyway when I'm signing in.
Howard Hockey   Sep 21, 2016
Thank you!
Deborah Ann Crow   Sep 07, 2016
Nick Vogt prob a fluke, it's working now.
Nick Vogt   Sep 07, 2016
I just tested it out and it appears to be still working. I tested it in both Firefox and Chrome.
Deborah Ann Crow   Sep 07, 2016
started to work and then it stopped. I think Yahoo made a work around
Deborah Ann Crow   Sep 07, 2016
started to work and then it stopped. I think Yahoo made a work around :(
George A Phillips   Aug 29, 2016
Thank you!
Rob McNicholas   Aug 26, 2016
Thanks! Works great!
Ron Forbes   Aug 12, 2016
THankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.
Kate Brazzill   Aug 02, 2016
Brill, that's speeded things up no end xx
Carol Ann   Jul 24, 2016
Thank You...Thank You, Thank You...what a pain this feature was.....
Phill Stroud-Watts   Jul 14, 2016
Does not work for me on Firefox 47.0
Nick Vogt   Jul 11, 2016
Thunderbird is good as well as EM Client. Using a desktop mail client is certainly a good way to avoid the annoyances of Yahoo's website.
Mickey Mac   Jul 10, 2016
I found that AdBlocker caused my Windows XP to slow right down to the point of the screen becomming unresponsive. Windows have a Hotfix that helps ease that. I then discovered a Mozilla program called Thunderbird which is free, it has absolutely no advertising and wonder of wonders the send button is at the top of the screen. Google Thunderbird
Denise Farrell Kelleher   Jun 27, 2016
I tried finding the URL but was unsuccessful so I reported the issue with Ad Block and hopefully I'll get a reply. Thanks for your help.
Nick Vogt   Jun 26, 2016
Might be Verizon-branded Yahoo page uses different subdomain for hosting the script. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix that. You can try opening up browser tools, looking at Network Monitor (or similar named tab) and trying to find the URL that is used for the video script, and use that as the Ad Block filter.
Denise Farrell Kelleher   Jun 26, 2016
I've have ad blocker plus for a couple of years but its not blocking the video ads in the verizon yahoo spam folder. I entered the filtered as suggested but it doesn't work.
Rafael Santiago   Jun 26, 2016
Zoann Murphy   Jun 17, 2016
Thank you!
Owen Keegan   Jun 03, 2016
Thank God! Another annoyance from yahoo nixed. Hope it lasts.
Yob Drut   May 30, 2016
Excellent..Thank you !
Amy Jean Webber   May 27, 2016
I Love You
Tim Dagwell   May 19, 2016
(y) Thanks.
Gina Chiarenza Gillman   May 12, 2016
Thank you!
Nik TayTay West   May 05, 2016
Thank you!
Nick Vogt   Apr 28, 2016
Yes, that same filter should apply to all folders and spam folder.
Kyle Phoenix   Apr 28, 2016
Will this also work for the Spam folder or Sent folder by changing the name?
John Adrian   Apr 27, 2016
Brilliant, thanks!
Bulbuk Laszlo   Apr 22, 2016
Thank you!
Sheik Mabouti   Apr 18, 2016
Russell Volckmann   Apr 13, 2016
Works so far. Thanks!