How to Identify Google Adsense for Search Units

Mar 9, 2011   Web and Internet   Nick Vogt   Comments
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This is a question I had but could not find the answer to. Google Adsense for Content (regular ad boxes) all have an ID that is in the embed code, allowing you to identify what ad block corresponds to what ad in your My Ads page (if you have bad naming conventions like I did). But Adsense for Search units do not have this. They list an ID, but that ID is not in the embed code anywhere.

After some messing around I quickly found that there is a unique ID in each "Search box code" for each search ad unit. It comes after a colon after the partner id in the "cx" input. It looks like this:

<input type="hidden" name="cx" value="partner-pub-9492127591915111:jkk3isn3ix9" />
The "jkk3isn3ix9" (random string) is the ID unique to each search. You can find it by clicking "Get code" under each Search unit in your Adsense admin, and on any page that has that code for the search input box embedded on it.
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