How to Disable and Remove Pocket Button in Firefox URL Web Address Bar
Nov 14, 2017Web and InternetComments (1)
Firefox Pocket is a service that allows you to save documents, articles, and other content for later reading. It used to be an add-on for Firefox, but Mozilla decided to integrate it directly into the browser, which upset many users. Here's how you can disable it.

Browser Configuration
Type about:config into the URL bar of a new tab. You'll be warned with a message about tinkering with the browser settings. Go ahead and continue. Next you'll see a page full of options. In the search bar, put in extensions.pocket.enabled. This will filter the list of options down to the one option you need to change.

The result window should now display just one option, like in the screenshot below. You'll notice that the value is true. Double-click it and it should flip to false.

Firefox Pocket Disable

This change will take effect immediately, though you may need to refresh any open pages.
Comments (1)
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SRA   May 15, 2018
Thanks for this! Stupid they don't have an option to disable it built into the options menu. Especially when customization is usually one of Firefox's biggest strengths.