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Google AdWords: Is Your Ad Stuck In Under Review?
Mar 10, 2010Web and InternetComments (1)
Has the status of one of your Google AdWords ads been "Under Review" for more than a few days? Google states that they review ads in the order they're received, and work to review ads as quickly as possible. However, if your ad has been Under Review for a long period of time, it may be bugged or stuck and may remain that way. This happened to one of my ads, which had been under review for almost 2 weeks. I tried editing it and recreating it, but it would continue to sit Under Review.

Searching Google forums turned up many other people who had ads stuck in Under Review, some for a month or more. The solution is to navigate to Google's AdWords contact page and send an approval request. Be sure to log in to AdWords prior to visiting that link, so that it will pre-fill in some of your information. You then just need to enter your Name, Contact email, Ad Group Name, and Campaign Name, and hit Submit. After doing so I received a confirmation from Google within 24 hours or so and my ad had been reviewed.
Comments (1)
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Louie CK   Sep 26, 2019
Thank you very much for the info.