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Fix Magento Products Not Showing on Frontend After CSV Import
May 20, 2014Web and InternetComments (2)
If you create your products via CSV import and they're not showing up on the frontend, you may have missed some internal attributes. A common one to miss is _product_websites, which usually defaults to "base" when you create a product in the admin panel. To fix this and other missed attributes, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new product in the admin panel and fill out all the normal attributes you'll be using. You can use random information like "asdf" or "test"; it doesn't need to be a legitimate product. Make a note of the SKU you use.

Step 2: Export your new product by going to System > Import/Export > Export (select Products for Entity Type), typing in the SKU for your new item, and hitting Continue at the bottom. This will download a CSV containing that new product.

Step 3: With the exported CSV in hand, you can see all of the required fields used by Magento. Use this new CSV as a template to create/update your products. Now you won't miss any important attributes.

Other Things to Try

If your products are still not showing up, be sure to go through the following checklist to make sure a product is configured properly to show up on the frontend.

  • Make sure the product Status is Enabled (CSV file: status set to 1).
  • Make sure the product Visibility is set to Catalog, Search (CSV file: visibility set to 4).
  • Make sure the product is In Stock (CSV file: is_in_stock set to 1).
  • Make sure the product has a quantity available (CSV file: qty is greater than 0).
  • Make sure the product is in a category.
  • Flush and update your cache in System > Cache Management.
  • Reindex your data in System > Index Management.
Comments (2)
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Oliver Russell   May 24, 2017
Have you check if you have imported/exported from CSV correctly? If not cross check it from here:
Haseem Mujahidh   Sep 28, 2014
thank you very major problem solved.. CHeers