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Adobe Flash Player Failed to Initialize Solution
Sep 19, 2011Web and InternetComments (13)
Sometimes you may get an error when trying to install the Adobe Flash plugin on your browser that reads something like "Adobe Flash Player failed to initialize". If you do, one possible solution is to download the full standalone Flash installer directly from Adobe's distribution site. Here is a direct link:

There is a table for 32-bit and a table for 64-bit, which corresponds to the type of operating system you have. Select the one appropriate to your OS. If given the choice, download the EXE installer instead of the MSI installer, since it should do additional requirements checking.

This solution may not work for everyone, but it has fixed the issue for me on several computers. It's also useful for installing Flash Player on an offline computer that has no Internet connection.
Comments (13)
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Yechiel Erps   Dec 13, 2015
I followed your link, I selected EXE installer, AND IT WORKED! THANKS!
Juanitah Ntambi Precious   Feb 06, 2014
Did wonders for me. I realized my registry was still dirty so it kept reading version 11 and used renovo Uninstaller to clean the registry and viola! Mucho gracias
Hassaan Syed   Dec 15, 2012
Miriam Erez   Dec 12, 2012
Yep. This did it. Thanks so much.
Ed Mitchell   Nov 24, 2012
OH DUDE - That totally worked!!! - I was having some serious listening to music while surfing - the player was installed "unsuccessfully" and I needed to re-install but could not - this resolved the issue 100 !! THANK YOU !!
Cara Jones   Aug 05, 2012
Finally, been trying to update flash for the last 3 days!! Thanks so much :-)
Amaad Hassan   Jun 26, 2012
flash player failed to intilize plz some one help me
Pipittaporn Inpanich   May 25, 2012
Thank you :)
Hendar Thomas   May 03, 2012
same here, after 50 progress "failed to initialize" idk what's the problem
Angela Dudley   Apr 09, 2012
Yay! This worked perfectly! Love it! Thank you!
Julianne Hearns Marcoguiseppe   Apr 04, 2012
Ok, so that failed to initialize as well... now what?
Rip Vertigo   Mar 21, 2012
praplem falesh player
Tina Ward   Mar 06, 2012
l know not a lot about my laptop & after trying everything l was advised to do it still wouldnt install it was "failed to anitialize" every time but finding your page & followed your link & heyho l have flashplayer thankyou