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Workaround to Windows SourceTree 1.6.24 Continually Asking For Password
Nov 30, 2015ProgrammingComments (2)
If you've updated to SourceTree 1.6.24 on your Windows computer and it keeps asking for a password, here is one potential workaround/solution that may work for you.

Reverting to 1.6.23
I struggled with this problem for over an hour and tried every fix I could find. I eventually resorted to installing the previous version of SourceTree, which is 1.6.23.

Atlassian doesn't post a link to older versions of SourceTree, but you can find old versions by navigating directly to the download for that file version. Version 1.6.23 is available here:
(I didn't hotlink that URL as I want to make sure you can see it is coming from the official server. Just copy and paste it into your address bar.)

You may have to uninstall your current version of SourceTree first.

Backup Settings
If you want to backup your settings first, just in case, I recommend doing so by backing up the files here:

(That's for Windows 7.)
Comments (2)
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Sebastin Vansteenkiste   Mar 05, 2016
I should prolly see if it's fixed in an update by now though xD
Sebastin Vansteenkiste   Mar 05, 2016
This bugged me to the point that I stopped using ST altogheter. Big thanks.