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Complete Roguelike Flash Game In 1649 Bytes
Jan 13, 2014ProgrammingComments (0)
I was inspired by this blog post by Emanuele Feronato about making a sub-2KB Roguelike Flash game. Using his game as inspiration, I decided to try it out. I used BitmapData to display the game objects instead of TextField and ended up getting it down to 1649 bytes. The game rules are very similar, though it is programmed from scratch. The result is embedded below:

Click inside the game to bring it into focus. Use the arrow keys to move. You are the white dot and must destroy the red dots without dying (your energy points are the white dots in the upper-left). The red dots move after each time you move. Do not move to a spot next to a red dot or it will attack. You must get it to move to a spot adjacent to you, and then move to it, in order to destroy it.

Download the source code here.
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